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Film Stars

Dreamed 1948 by Nancy Price

Source: Acquainted with the Night by Nancy Price (1949), selections from an experimental dream journal she kept for one year.

I was in a film studio, but what the film was I do not know; the star was a woman of uncertain years and dyed hair. It seemed I had met her that very morning with a dog who had paralysis of the spine, and she had recognised me and told me her husband was editor of the Daily Telegraph. She was certainly unsuitable for the part in the film; the others I did not know. The producer was X, who seemed very vague.

The end was not settled and he called Milton Rosmer, who it seemed was in the picture, and said, "I want a close-up with Miss Price, but her stand-in will do, as her face will be quite in shadow".

I said, "Can I have a little light ? I would rather be seen if this makes no difference to you?"

He said, "Oh, of course, if you like you can have the light with pleasure, and we'll put Milton in shadow, it doesn't matter".

There seemed endless confusion, argument, indecision, and I got tired and more tired, till I could hardly drag my feet along. "Your face is excellent," X called out, "but your legs move too slowly. Take Miss Price's legs to the make-up man and have them attended to." Instantly they took my legs and I still seemed quite at ease without them.

Until he called, "No more to-day, there is a fog in the studio". Then I was aware that I needed my legs, but no-one was interested. I saw everybody going and I was left--solitary, encompassed by that grey fog, which merged slowly into the grey of dawn and consciousness.

Next day I had an attack of arthritis wbich prevented me from moving for several days, and immediately I was on my feet again, the producer in my dream, whom I had not seen for many years, made me an offer to go to Hollywood.

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