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The Final Test

Dreamed 1994/11/11 by Chris Wayan

Star Trek. I'm Captain Picard. We're ordered to drop by a small research station in deep space.

We dock normally, but when the seal opens, we see... each of us sees utterly different, familiar people! Illusions. I'm the first to recognize that we're not seeing the SAME people. I try to fight it, and can just retain my awareness that it's an illusion... but I can't crack the mask.

The beings, whatever they are, hijack the ship and take us lightyears out...

And then, as we're agonizing over the only option left to us, to sabotage the ship somehow, and blow it and us and our hijackers into flaming oblivion...

Then they drop the game. They're a research team finishing a weapon Starfleet's been working on for years. We were the final test. If it could defeat a crack Starfleet crew, they'd know they a success.

Our defeat, our suicidal despair, our failure... is proof of a triumph.

And as I wake, I wonder what other failures in my life, what despairs and miseries, are just testing a new thing--are exactly as they should be.

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