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Dreamed 1998/8/31 by Chris Wayan

Tiny flying figure high above a lake; reeds and dragonfly in foreground Tiny flying figure high above a lake; reeds and dragonfly in foreground

It's a windy, foggy day at my parents' house. Despite the poor flying weather, I'm showing my sister and some friends how with you can fly if you change your attitude. I have to demonstrate lifting off several times before they'll even believe what's in front of them. No surprise! People enculturated with scientific or European rationalism have trouble learning to fly, because they doubt things they "know" are impossible, even when they see them--and do them.

And I admit, it's not too impressive, at first. I rise slowly, heavily--weighed like a wet robe by my own doubts. But this always happens--I fly easily once I've proven it to myself yet again.

Now some of them start to rise. I give them a tour of the area. Point out the hollow in the heart of the blue mound of ceanothus flowers in the backyard. "I always flew in there to hide when I wanted to be a alone, as a kid."

But... that isn't TRUE. I didn't. Fly, or hide there, either one. My attitude revolution is quite a recent achievement--I couldn't fly in there, or fly at all, as a kid. Why am I pretending I've always had this ability?



Flying around, I land in that mound of blue-flowering ceanothus brush in the back yard, just as I claim! Only I do it in the future, not the past--in The Chaparral of Time.

LISTS AND LINKS: flying - lying - illusions and cultural blind spots - observer effects - doubt and pessimism - scientific attitudes - 95 years earlier, Mary Arnold-Forster faces the same flight-school problem in Antigravity Research

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