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For World Dream Bankers

by Patagia, 2007/09/21
dedicated to you dreamers who dare to bare...
Words grab me before I awake
I set them down in lightning pace
Feel syllables soar, flash and seethe
Hoping for the chance at last to break free
I strive to understand for the life of me
the life of me
the life of me

You know about this, you've done it all your days
writing out riffs from jazz sleephaze
filling up comic books, a website of forms
quivering and questing down bizarre corridors
You strive to understand the life of you
the life of you
the life of you

What about them?
Will they do it too?
Will they find a place in this hullabaloo?
Will they spin and hurl in the shadowy world
Of nether togetherdom, cosmic dream sherds?
Will they spill their rhythms and tangle with rhymes
Will they trust their hearts and intuitive designs?

Oh, I hope they do
Take the chance to renew
And fly into worlds that can mend and fuel
They'll share the feathermight that dreams can send
As they strive to understand the life of them
the life of them
the life of them.


So keep the stuff coming. Or Patagia will write a poem exposing our spiritual cowardice.

--Chris Wayan

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