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Patagia is the webname of San Francisco poet Ellen Frank. Most weekends, she hikes and birdwatches in the Bay Area hills and marshes. So it's unsurprising that, in a couple of the dreams below, she becomes a bird...

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BARN OWL FUSION: by Patagia; 2006/3/9, linked transformation and flying dreams
An owl flew at me, and I fused with it. The next thing I knew, I was a redtail hawk...
CROCODILE DREAM: by Ellen Frank; 2015/10/5, a nightmare-poem on recklessness
Closer I edge to admire their scales, the glint of their teeth, and shape of their tails. They cast a strong spell...
FOR WORLD DREAM BANKERS: by Patagia; 2007/9/21, a praise-poem for dreamers
Dreamwork takes discipline, but writing and painting dreams for others takes even more: courage!
FAKE IT!: by Electra Johannes and Patagia; 2007/9/22 and 2007/9/23, linked dreams.
Patagia dreams she fakes a Hindu rite, causing Electra to dream she fakes leadership in a refugee band. But are they faking?
HUNT AND PECK: by Patagia; 1997/6/16, a dream on the creative non-struggle.
I'm a brown sparrow scratching in the dirt, looking for bugs. Focused, tireless, I hunt and peck...
LIFE FORCE: by Patagia; 2006/8/9 & 8/31, three career-advice dreamlets
Out of a Campbell's soup can poured life force: someone's last breath...
LION EYES: by Patagia; 2007/11/??, a serious dream-prank.
Lions trap me in an African cave with only coffee, paper and pens! Is this what it takes to get me to write?
NOUVELLE BARBIE BODS: by Ellen Frank (Patagia), 2012/12/22, a playful poem on a dream-diorama
I visited my friend Chris Wayan's workshop and found him building
a dance troupe of joyfully obscene centaurs out of Barbie dolls...
THE VERIZON EXPERIMENT: by Wayan; 2014/3/31, three linked dreamlets, the last self-flagging as predictive
1: A nature spirit's physics experiment proves that time forks. But how much? How dense is the multiverse?
2: I sculpt a model of this multiverse. A physicist likes it; the nature spirit likes it more. So she swipes it...
3: A 'friend' offers refugees my bedroom, crowding me and my work into a corner. I wake. The phone rings...
WITNESS: by Patagia, 2006/2/16, a poem of a redemptive nightmare
A woman I had wronged set her pit bull on me! Hand in its jaws, I gave in, and we both began crying...
WRITE A LITTLE DREAM WITH ME: by Ellen Frank, 2015/10/16, a comic poem on dreamwork
Sharks unicorns and moonbeams / Lost loves and karma chocolate I-beams
Raw telepathic bundles of beans / Write a little dream with me...

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