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A Fountain in the Armenians

Dreamed early July 2006, by Pauline Ramsey


My friend Matthieu and I once had a conversation about how many proverbs and sayings we could find in English and French that match up. For example, the French have parallels to "one swallow doesn't make a summer" and "too many cooks spoil the broth."


I found myself in Matthieu's sitting room on a summer afternoon. We were still discovering shared proverbs, quoting to and fro. Not all the adages were familiar, though. I think it was me who said "A fountain in the Armenians", though it might have been someone else in the room. Soon after, the dream ended.


The next couple of days, the phrase kept popping into my head. I liked it. It was lyrical, whimsical, romantic. At last, I typed it into Google to see if it went anywhere.

It did. And it's far from romantic.

There is a fountain--a memorial to the 1915 Armenian genocide. There's masses about it on the web (see It's a forgotten genocide, an attempt at ethnic cleansing that no one talks about.

But why did that phrase come to me in a dream? There'd been nothing on television about it. I'd never heard of it. I'd scarcely heard of Armenia. How did it find a place in my head? For a few minutes, did my brain become like a radio receiver? How? And why?

What am I supposed to do with it?


Just what you did, maybe. Uncover the truth--the atrocity that created the very word "genocide" (it was coined to describe this massacre). And then post it on the Web. After all, it says something, not just to dreamers, but to the modern Turks--in or out of government--still trying to cover up a million bodies with propaganda. It says you can't. Deny it, censor it, but it's still true. And people dream true.

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