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1991. Early (16-color) digital print, by Chris Wayan

Long ago I saw a marvelous Hiroshige print of a fox convocation, lit by moon and foxfires. So I read up on Japanese folktales of the fox-women, shapeshifters who hunger after humankind and try to pass as human (and usually marry some rice farmer who finds out and righteously dumps her: it's a sin to marry animals. Some Japanese STILL won't marry into families tainted with foxblood.)

Lonely and not too human myself, I sided with the foxes. Monotheists fear us shapeshifters. Animal, female, emotion, sex, earth, desire, ghost/spirit are all seen as suspect: as "other".

I still have the foxes' underdog attitude too: get all in heat over some quite ordinary human who won't even see me as a person!

So I drew two fox-women finally finding each other.

'Foxes'--two kitsune fall in love under a full moon. Image by Wayan.

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