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From the Horse's Mouth

Dreamed August 2002 by Roswila [aka Patricia Kelly]

[In her blog, Roswila posted this poem to illustrate one of her three methods for writing dream-poetry.--Ed.]

...I re-enter the dream using the dream scenario as a guided visualization, and see where it takes me. Which is sometimes to very unusual and unexpected places. This can produce more dream-like material that I add to the original dream transcript on which I then base a poem... [Here] the re-entry produced the last three stanzas.

From the Horse's Mouth

Horse and I arrive at the cay
to dive for treasure sunk
by raging storms and buried
by the sea's maternal sweeping

Horse, tired to his bones,
makes one more leap of faith
into the softly glowing depths,
I on his wide brown back

We land in a long golden furrow
that leads along the warm sea bottom

Following the trough,
Horse lopes slowly and surely
buoyed out of time by the sea

He dips his great head once,
twice, three times to scoop up
cavernous mouthsfull of sand,
straining each in its turn
through his large white teeth

In a huge explosion of horse,
rider and foaming water,
we burst to the surface

The beach burns white
as Horse collapses
on the crystalline sand

From his open mouth, gems
of all colors spill endlessly:

Ruby, lapis, amethyst
and amber, citrine and peridot
all tumble onto the bright face
of the beach, refracting wildly
like the eyes of long forgotten gods

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