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God's Song

"God's Song" performed by Mike Marrelli and The Krelkins, 2007
Won't play? Plain MP3, 3:42 (3.4 MB, 44khz)
The world had got me down;
I was lookin' for the answer...
When I heard the word of the Lord above,
Cuttin' through the fascist cancer!
and the Lord said...

"It's not so bad as you may feel
There is beauty all around you
It's not so bad as you may feel
When the mystery confounds you...

And if it gets a bit too real,
Don't forget that's what you're here for!
So listen up to my big spiel--
'Cause I'm the one you all adore!

I am the God of the Jews
Although I never really chose them
I am the Gospel's good news
Though I certainly didn't compose them!

When I was on top of my game
They knew me as the Buddha and Krishna
But it's really all me, I'm the God from Galilee
And I love ya so much I could kiss ya.

Satan is just my flip side
I admit I've a split personality
For I am the Omnipresent Dude!
Think quick--I'm as sick as every one of you
beautiful people...

Now some of this play goes too far
Like Hitler, Jenghiz Khan and the Conquistadors
But that Black Plague thing? That was the bacteria's big fling!
They loved me! You got a lotta bases to cover when you're God!

To humor a crazy man, Einstein
I made up a nifty reality
How could I guess you'd make this nuclear mess?
Oops! Everything happens for the best...
Being God means never having to say you're sorry

Now you think I have gone mad
Sinking your precious democracy
But it's one of the best jokes you've had:
Things really are that bad."

So when the world has got you down
And you can't find the answer...
Just listen to the word of the Lord above
Cuttin' through the fascist cancer!

Drawing by William Blake, titled 'The Ancient of Days', ca. 1800: God reaches down from a cloud into darkness to measure the cosmos with calipers of light.

Mike Marrelli, guitarist and songwriter for The Krelkins.


--Chris Wayan--

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