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Dreamed early 2010 (before 5/18) by Michael Flora


I have been paying attention to my dreams for several months, since reading a paper at ( entitled "Postcorrection and Mathematical Model of Life in Extended Everett's Concept" by Michael Mensky. The author suggests that consciousness is what "collapses" the cosmic wave function, forcing us into a single universe. When we are unconscious (i.e. asleep) we have access to the multiverse of all possibilities.

Regardless of the validity of the paper, it piqued my interest in dreams. I began trying to remember and record my notable dreams, and I must say I have had great difficulty in remembering. Three dreams so far stand out, all of them occurring during 2010:


I was in a building with tall windows and many tables - it may have been a library. I had my laptop computer with me and I placed it on a table and plugged it in. For some reason I turned away for a moment and my computer was gone! The power brick was still there, I clearly remember. I began to wander the building, looking for my computer. I entered a room in which there was a crowd of people. Someone came up behind me and bumped me with his shoulder. I turned, and he pointed at the crowd, saying "That's Peter Jeffrey, he's from London." I looked, and I could make out two men fighting with swords, thin rapiers apparently. I could not see their faces.

The Next Day

I Googled "Peter Jeffrey" and discovered that there was a British actor named Peter Jeffrey who died in the 1990's. He had appeared in a number of historical movies and in Shakespearean plays, which may account for the swordfighting. I cannot remember knowing who he was prior to the dream.


I saw what was apparently an aircraft in side or elevation view. It was red, had a tall triangular tail, and had the name "PEYTON" written on it in large white letters.

The Next Day

I Googled "peyton aircraft" and came up with a number of possibilities. The one that struck me was Peyton Magruder, the lead designer of the team that developed the World War II B-26 bomber. I cannot remember ever having heard his name before, although I was familiar with the B-26.


I dreamed I was reading a document. The word "Auslander" (or possibly "Auserland") was written at the top. Farther down was the name "Samuel Wiggins" and the date "1779".

The Next Day

I Googled "samuel wiggins 1779". There were a number of hits, such as a Sam Wiggins on Facebook. However, I chose the first one that looked like a genealogy. This Samuel Wiggins was indeed born in 1779 in England. He married and emigrated to Australia. Later it occurred to me that "Auslander" might refer to Wiggins' becoming an Australian - he moved to "Aussieland".


Well, those are the dreams I have to report. They are not extremely impressive as predictions; perhaps I already subconsciously knew all the information? Anyway, the results of my little experiment are intriguing.

--Michael Flora


It does seem unclear if these three dreamlets playing with words are weak ESP or very elaborate unconscious memory (cryptomnesia). I've had similarly ambiguous dreams. Sometimes future events clarify matters; sometimes you never do find out.

I'm gonna put on my Structuralist Dream Interpreter Guru Hat now (love that hat!)

An engineer dreams his computer disappears (rule-based thinking?) but not his power source (!!!), and immediately thereafter stumbles into what looks like evidence of either a sixth sense or an unconscious that never forgets a name, never misses a trick...
It sounds deliberate and initiatory when I sum it up like that. A Jungian would probably see the dream as urging you to respect the role of intuition as a guide; or it might simply be your dreams' critique of that article you'd read, which saw the conscious as the steersman, the chooser. Maybe your unconscious wanted to point out it too has formidable abilities, and deserves a say in choosing your life-course.

The other two dreams are so similar in flavor that I suspect all three are making a point about your dreaming mind's resources and competence--and not just at Trivial Pursuit. Maybe as a navigator through the multiverse.

--Chris Wayan

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