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Dreamed recurrently (1940s-1960s?) by Percy Ndithembile Konqobe; as told to Marc Ian Barasch

Photo of Percy Ndithembile Konqobe, South African sculptor and sangoma.

Percy Konqobe is a South African sculptor and self-taught sangoma [shaman] who consults dreams both in his art and in his life. took Percy time to get up the courage to ask his mother about a dream he'd been having since childhood. In his dream, he would be trying to climb a mountain but would slip down before reaching the top. But now, he told her, a new element had appeared:

There is an old man pushing a bicycle up the hill, as if it had a flat. The two of us go up, and when I reach the top, I am alone. But there is a beautiful railroad on top of the mountain. I think, I'll follow this track until I reach a station, then I'll know where I am. I see a bright light behind, like yellowish red sunrise, so I know I am going west. Then I hear voices: "The road to success is in Kafkat, in a place called Goshen." I look back, and see seven male shadows. I turn to them, and they entreat me to go to this place.
He had awakened at four in the morning in a sweat, unable to go back to sleep. He already suspected what the dream might mean. "I told my mother, 'The other children have left. You have only me, the firstborn, and my brother, the last of your five. I will always take care of you. But you must tell me the truth. Who is my real father?' She broke down and confessed to me, 'Your father was in Kafkat, Goshen, but he died in 1939.'

"I knew this couldn't be true," Percy told me," because in my dream, I saw him alive. So I traveled to that place and I found him. He said he had dreamed about me just a week before, and was calling out to me!"

SOURC: Marc Ian Barasch's Healing Dreams, 2000, p. 128

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