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Heal the World

Dreamed 2011/8/17 by Wayan

I've acquired the power to sculpt people physically--not just proportions, but alter them internally. I can often heal diseases, and do--the percentage of walking wounded is astonishing! So many hide it or put a good face on.

But I can also redo a person's looks if they're unhappy with: body type, race, even gender. A surprising number want changes this deep, want to be someone else. In fact, a percent or two want species changes--want to be Star Trek aliens or furry fantasies.

One girl I meet has an ugly face--pinched from childhood malnourishment, with close-set beady eyes. I give her a face with bigger, wider-set eyes and strong feline cheekbones. She loves it, but says "Can I have more? I want fur to match. I want a tail! But not a skinny cat tail--I always pictured something bigger, bushy--like a wolf or fox. Or better yet, a lemur--those are prehensile, aren't they?"

Skinny girl with close-set eyes in a red striped dress; sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan. Catgirl with wide-set eyes in a red striped dress; sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan

I just didn't realize how many closet furs were out there!

As I heal and sculpt and fulfill strange dreams, I know I'm not just curing individuals, but seeding a renaissance! For the first time in history, we'll have a truly healthy population. So much energy was locked up in fighting to survive our parasites and diseases!

Catgirl sprawls in a blue chair, toying with her tail; sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan.
A catgirl with broken gears and bolts popping out of her head; sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan

And yet... that's just half the job. What most people really need is not a physical but a psychological healing: undo brainwashing, teach control over rage and fear, fix brain dysfunctions... enable life-callings.

And those are subtle to diagnose. Do people even know their own lacks? Can't be fixed with a simple wave of my hand! Deep healing will be slow.

But think of the energy released... when we're really healed.


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