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Heart Chakra

Dreamed 2011/5/8 by Wayan


I was named the executor of my mom's estate. It's turned out to be complex. I spent today learning about estate expenses, and trying to sort ours into the slots on the tax forms...

I do take breaks--even work on a song: Keep it Simple, Stupid. Should I transpose it so it's easier to sing? But playing is harder for me than singing, so maybe I should leave it--the original key was as easy on my fingers as I could make it.

In the evening, watch Megamind. Not wildly original, but funny. How's this for a movie review: "More fun than doing taxes."


I massage the red-orange oil
into my smooth-shaven skin--
sleekly unreal, for I'm digital. In
Meatland, I'd never build up all

this muscle! Red is just initial
hue in a colorcode chakra tour.
They promised I'd be sexy. Smear
my rigid abs and bland crotch-dome

(no cock: for I'm a kid-friendly cart
oon goon) red. But that looks wrong,
this pelvic blush: red's for the heart!
So I midriff wash, and then I smush

red goo onto sternum and breast.
It isn't paint--translucent stain
that won't really take until rubbed in.
Puffy pecs, pneumatic chest--

so fake! Gotta wash my hands again
or I'll Macbeth the guilty walls. Next
the oil of orange, then yellow, green,
blue. Damn goo. Better pay off in sex.

Silhouette of cartoony bodybuilder with red-orange smeared on torso and 7 colored markers for chakras alongside. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


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