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Her Hands Are Tied

Dreamed 1992/4/17 by Wayan


I've been looking for a therapist--I have recurrent flu-like illness, doctors insist it's psychosomatic. My friend Oksana suggested a Jungian she knows a bit...


I go meet Oksana's acquaintance Ani in her office. I like her. But longterm therapy with her? Ask my dreams!


Man with a gun. We're prisoners--hostages? Ani finds an escape route, and I follow her.

But her hands are still tied behind her, cord round her wrists. Strangely she doesn't seem to CARE that she can't use her hands. I remind her and ask "Don't you want me to untie them? This is America, you'll stand out here & be vulnerable with your hands tied. We haven't had a war on our soil in a long time, so we're not used to seeing prisoners!"

But she seems not to hear--or maybe care. She strides on... hands tied.


Warning! Ani's not for me. Well-meaning, tough, great in a crisis... but in my life, struggling with chronic illness... her hands are tied. I'm not sure she even hears me.


For a century therapists have valued the first dream in therapy--it can highlight a client's problems and suggest approaches. But there's a kind of "initial" dream that therapists never hear--dreams warning clients away from a therapist! Absent from the literature, but vitally important. At least to clients!

Dreamworkers, remember--initial dreams may review a therapist's problems as easily as your problems. Or, as here, point out a bad fit without making further judgments.

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