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Hung by Elder

Dreamed 1997/7/30 by Chris Wayan

Night. Silhouettes of branches and a Victorian mansion against a dim sky. A face looks up at a body in the trees.

A girl I'm attracted to asks my help in exposing the secret crimes of her rich, powerful parents. They've disowned her AND her sister. Their mom, in particular, has a reputation as ruthless, even brutal. But she's always escaped conviction--just barely.

So one night we sneak over the stone wall, onto their estate, and slink through the woods toward the mansion. We navigate by moonlight, don't dare show a light. It's dense and brambly in spots. Slow.

Suddenly my friend's jerked up into a tree! There's a popping crunch, she writhes once, then dangles, staring, still. A thin rope tight around her neck. I know she's dead--that pop was her neck snapping. Killed instantly by her mom's booby-trap.

And I don't even dare climb up and cut her down--it'd be just her mom's style to rig a second trap for rescuers.

I decide there's only one thing I can do: go on alone, and avenge her. Her mother can't be allowed to get away with murder. And right now, that's my horizon, as far as I can see a future.

We didn't even get CLOSE to exposing her father's better-covered skeletons...


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