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1989-90; early (16-color) digital picture-poem by Chris Wayan

What I mean by soul (in fact, what I mean by the whole damn poem) is this: when your heart is cowed by your circumstances or upbringing, and your mind has no answer (or clings to wrong answers like mine), forget both--try intuition, spirit, senseless images and hunches that get your brain blathering "THAT'S not me! THAT makes no sense!"

When your brain-cops are edgy, you're getting warm!

Graffiti poem: 'If your heart is beat, don't be defeat: fill the hole, with SOUL.' Click to enlarge.
The words riff a bit on that "I [heart] NY" slogan, of course. But the look was inspired by the 1990 graffiti style in Soma, San Francisco.

Has anyone else noticed that graffiti is like haiku? A vivid, brief artform stripped to essentials--whether words or images or both.

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