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Ignorable Dragon

Dreamed 2019/4/13 by Wayan

A dragon I was brainwashed into seeing as a dog! Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

I dream my bay window faces west not east. And the view's strange. On the curb below me, a large dog's found a snake and is worrying it. Head in its jaws. The snake's tail writhes around its attacker but can't get a choking grip; the dog won't give up.

As I focus on the fight, I realize that's no dog--why'd I think that? Four legs, yeah, but... BAT WINGS? It's a griffin! Leaps into the air and flies off. Looks bigger too--horse-size now? Or was I hypnotized to ignore it and as the spell erodes, I start to see its real size--big as a car now. That's no griffin--it's a dragon! Its prey grew too--now it's a gila monster a full yard long, biting its attacker's long jaw. Gila bites are poison! But the dragon seems immune. Tosses it and snatches the lizard midair, like a juggler. Gobbles it down. Dragon snack.

The dragon dives into a small cloud like a fist punching a pillow. Emerges just seconds later. Either that gila bit the dragon from inside and the dragon choked it back up, or the dragon found a second fat lizard in the cloud--and this lizard, though wingless too, can levitate. Flees the dragon across the sky...

Snapping at the lizard, in hot pursuit, and grown to van-size now at least, the dragon dives back toward my house. I fear it'll smash my window in. Oddly, I'm not scared I'll be hurt--but I do worry I'll have to explain the damage, and won't be believed. That denial-spell is strong!

Even now, if I glance away I re-minimize the dragon's size and doubt it's more than a dog. "I just exaggerate." Look again. Yep, just a dog. A flying scaly dog as big as a truck.

Riiiight. That's some ignorability spell!



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