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1995 nondream diigital picture by Chris Wayan

I was listening to Clarisa Pinkola Estes, feminist therapist and author of Women who Run with the Wolves, on the radio. She visited the land of her ancestors (southern Mexico), and found to her delight that they were all fat and happy and looked just like her.

Well, I'm weird and scrawny, and want to go to MY ancestral land where they're all shamanic anorexic ballerina foxes, but somehow I don't think I'll get to.

As she spoke I painted this Non-Olmec Head rising from the jungle, a jungle made entirely of a small crescent moon (to howl at while you run with the wolves) and one big radio-listener ear, a truly presidential ear, in suitable sooty Lincoln Memorial gray.

A gray stone head by a stream in a jungle, visited by little foxes and a ghost-cat
little fox little fox

And shy little vixens to lurk in the wood, even if I can't visit them, except as the vast, vague ghost of a cat.

So it goes and that is that.

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