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Dreamed 2000/4/22 by Chris Wayan

India wants a permanent seat on the Security Council, like the other nuclear powers. The biggest democracy in the world, and they have no vote?

The council agonizes for days. Finally they decide... India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh combined, the whole former British Raj, will SHARE one seat!

A stinging insult, but a dare too--recognition of Great Power status if they can clean up their own yard. And now Pakistan's military regime won't lose face if it backs down from fighting with India and sets up a stable, non-corrupt government. I'm skeptical it'll happen though. Bangladesh will go along, no problem there, but Pakistan? No way.

Privately I side with the Indians; they deserve a seat now. China's on the Security Council, and it's an aggressive dictatorship occupying Tibet and threatening Taiwan. China's there because it's big and nuclear--no other reason. India is too. And at least its government is democratic.

Pakistan is nuclear but so's Israel and probably South Africa and no one's nominating them. Much smaller, for one thing. And just who would a Pakistani representative represent? Not the people, certainly. Not even the elite. It's chaos there right now. Though I hate to kick Pakistan's pride when it's down, India has earned the seat and Pakistan hasn't. Huge, nuclear, and relatively free. Can we afford NOT to seat them?


But what if I can't? What if I won't? Who says I have to wait? Who says I CAN wait?
If I can't join the human race,
will envy and sex explode in my face?
I guess I better apologize to the ghost of Langston Hughes for that dream-distorted little jingle right now.

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