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Invoke the Animal Powers (or was that Provoke?)

dreamed 2008/9/8 by Wayan.
for Kristi Martel and Maurice Sendak

An orgy of Maurice Sendak 'Wild Things', or are they kids in fur suits? Dream sketch by Wayan; click to enlarge.
I dream of spicy sushi in an elegant music hall.
Grand piano, eighty tables, multiracial drinks.
Up between red velvet drapes, diva Kristi Martel
cheerfully spills all her shaman-tricks.

"Invoke the Animal Powers? Each artist finds a way.
Kooky fashion works for me." And Kristi waves
at her gown diagonal--uneven wrapskirt cut
so it nudes one hip, nearly flashing lips, but
angles modestly to ankle, re-rising hind her knees.
Skirting invokes Horny Powers. Gods love a tease!

"And now another way to Invoke the Animal Powers!"
The velvet club melts to a middle-school gym.
Bleachers parent-packed, scuffy wooden floors.
Martel, now a music-coach, in the spotlight grins
"Welcome to your children's choice, a musical bizarre:
Give it up for Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are."

Ramble, rumble, out they tumble!
The wolves true-sized, the rabbits and cats
all larger than life, the ponies child-small.
So lithe! You really move like wolves, cats
ponies and rabbits in your fur. Hey, wait--
your knees bend backward--you can't do that!

But you're not passing-for-human beasts--
your forepaws have thumbs. Wild Things run
deeper than masque. You're ferals all!
Pelted monsters dance leap climb
onto spluttering audience. And how I long
to join the fun! But I'm just an eye afar.

Maybe my narrative distance is really for the best.
These pony-girls, wolf-girls, cat-girls, and yes
even the rabbit-girls turn me on. Oh I lust
to pounce and play with monsters, oh I must...

My Little Pony, raise your tail.
Ride you, gallop, give you foal!
Purring Jellicle Hello Kitty,
Clasp and pet your velvet titty.
Parents do not find it funny
as I hump their Easter Bunny,
but my favorites for a romp
are you Wolf-Girls in a clump--
belly sleek and shaggy rump.
Orgy in Auditoriump!

Silence, pitiful pedophile bestial!
wicked urges, I divest y'all.
You were kids and still may be
though tails and hocks and ears sure say
"Animal Powers thrust in me."
And your newfound species all
estrus find by age two or three:
so are you cubs? Or adults aprowl?

Wild things try things. Howl and yowl!
Sensual rehearsals, full of romance.
Do your parents apprehend
how intimate your play, your dance?
Who the wolves will mount, as
rabbits gnaw and spoon?
How the kittens lick and moan,
how the ponies pound!
Who'll the alpha stallion cover,
Who will be my shaggy lover?

No, no! On with her show!
Kristi's show, as planned.
Safe and wholesome, safe and bland:
the cuddly and the pretty,
the bunny and the kitty,
the dog-and-pony show.

A fitter finishing a blonde's gown: blues & violets with red inside. A diagonal hem, from hip to ankle. Dream sketch by Wayan; click to enlarge.


Under its Sendak fursuit, my dream's serious.
This pacifist pinko pervert's furious
at our jingo presidente's war;
but my cynical monster-dream
mocks a foreseen Martel extreme
we've swung to after filthy wars before:
We leap from "Ouch! We make a poor
world cop" to "Never interfere."
So viva torture and massacre!
Korea, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Zaïre...
it's their culture, so leave fascists alone.
Hey, they only enslave their own.
An orgy of Maurice Sendak 'Wild Things', or are they kids in fur suits? Dream sketch by Wayan; click to enlarge.
This is Dreamverse #24. Every day, a dream-poem! No matter how bratty they get.

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