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Jerry Brown's Law

Dreamed 2011/4/8 by Wayan

I'm taking a state-mandated annual test. Each of us is led off to a desk for a personal interview. I bring forms and... watercolor cartoons I drew! Is it an ART test? Guess so.

My interviewer, a birdlike old woman, leads off with, "Why do your first and final drafts of these comics have the same layout? Didn't you revise as you found better solutions?"
Sample page of a watercolor dream-comic, 'Marjane', by Chris Wayan. Click to see story. Sample page of a watercolor dream-comic, 'The Hedgehog Dispensary', by Chris Wayan. Click to see story.

I say "No, I worked out my optimal layout in trial-and-error sketches way before getting to watercolor!"

But really, I want to move on to other art topics. Comix are just one of many media I like--and so many people see cartoonists as gloomy, antisocial auteurs like R. Crumb or Harvey Pekar. Lonely guys in a room. I suspect the mere fact I draw comics at all will get me a low score on social skills.

So I start telling her outrageous lies about the news. "You heard that Jerry Brown approved those new rules in civil trials where over a million's at stake? Or was it two mil? Anyway, when the stakes are big, the lawyers get a fixed fee--10% I think. Everyone expected that reform, it's been long needed.

"But then Jerry added one of his zen things: to get paid, the lawyers must dance. And sing the summation, too. They get docked several per cent if they don't...

"I bet THOSE jurors will stay awake!"

She's laughing by the end. I made it all up, pure wish of course... but it IS very Jerry.

I think I'll get a good socialization score. It's not often you can distract a veteran tester THAT long.


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