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JF, TB and Me

Dreamed and © 2008/1/24 by Dream Junkee

I wasn't entirely sure if my body had fallen asleep yet. To check I willed myself to rise from the bed.

Very slowly I rose up and it felt as if I were separating from my body. I lifted and closed my eyes. I wanted a dream scene other than my bedroom since I nearly always end up in my bedroom when I WILD [Waking-Induced Lucid Dream].

I opened my eyes. I stood in the living room of a strange house. I bit through my thumb just to double check that it was a dream. No pain. I was dreaming. I instantly remembered why I had WILDed this time. I'd told a writer, JF, that I was going to lucid-dream him and one of his characters. Together all three of us would complete a lucid task.

Before I got distracted by anything I ran through the house yelling for TB (the writer's character). I opened doors, windows, yelled into every room for him, expecting him to come out and greet me. When I got back to the bedrooms I noticed movement in the shadows inside. Out came TB. He was thin but muscular, wore no shirt and a butt hugging pair of pants. He seemed very young. I waved him close. He came and did a spin so I could check him out. We then embraced.

"I missed you." I whispered to him. I held him tighter, marvelling at how solid and real he was, "I need you to remember something for me baby, okay? You have to remember that you're going to take me to another planet later."

"Of course," he said quietly.

I pulled away and inspected him some more, proud that I'd conjured someone. I felt his chest, his hair, his face, even ran my nails over his nipples to see if they would get hard. They did. And out of curiosity I reached down and grabbed his crotch to see what he was packing down there. I got a good handful and grinned, thinking, 'not bad at all.'

I took his hand and lead him through the house, he stayed always behind me though as if shy. I explained that I would like him to use his Mech to take three of us to another planet. He stooped and when I turned to look he seemed sad. "Three of us?"

I sat on the floor and pulled him down with me. I laid his head on my lap and stroked his hair like he was a kitten. When he visibly relaxed I changed the subject. I asked him to recall our favorite time playing together. He smile and rambled on about various scenes but said his favorite was his and Shy's first dance. He said it was thrilling that she accepted even though he knew she might try to kill him the first chance she got.

As we discussed that incident I realized I was losing lucidity. I got up suddenly and told TB to wait for me. There was something I almost forgot to do. I went through the entire house again, this time calling out JF's name. Again, when i got back to the bedrooms there was movement in the dark room. JF came out partway and just stared at me. I was overjoyed to see that he was there. I moved to him and pushed his hair out of his face and gave him a long tonguey kiss. I had to stand on my tippy toes to do so, he was much taller than I'd anticipated. I removed his glasses and caressed his face. He was so warm and smooth and again I was amazed at how real this DC [dream character] was.

"Hi, flower girl." I said to see how he'd respond. He grinned and glanced away in a shy type manner, which I thought was cute. I kissed him again and started exploring his various body parts too. I eventually had this undeniable urge to have sex so I pushed him back into the bedroom and had my way, though a strange experience that was, because by the end of it he disappeared on me.

I suddenly remembered TB. I feared he'd disappeared on me too. I got out into the hallway and both TB and JF were there. I introduced them but they didn't seem to take to each other as I'd hoped. TB sort of flickered every now and again as if he would melt into the shadows at any moment so I decided to quit screwing around and do the lucid task. I grabbed JF by the hand and lead him out of the house. TB followed behind in silence.

Outside it was bright and seemed devoid of people. I turned to TB and asked which planet he was going to take us to. He shook his head and said, "Ask J, we'll go to the place he really played me last."

I asked JF where that was and he said he didn't remember.

TB grinned suddenly and said, "Can't remember or don't want to remember?"

"SHUT UP!" I yelled at TB and then glared up into the sky. I could tell now that the real TB was with us. "You'll take us to the nearest inhabited planet."

He nodded when I looked at him, and he was still grinning that stupid grin. I knew he was up to something. TB said he needed to talk to me in private so I went with him into an empty parking lot. He informed me there wasn't enough room in the Mech for three of us.

"Don't be stupid. This is a dream. If I want there to be room there will be room."

"A dream, you say?" he said then grabbed me, yanked me to him and spun me around so that he was holding my back against his chest. His arms were wrenched tight around me and I couldn't break free. His lips came close to my ear and he whispered, "How's it feel to be a ticket?"

I thought "what the fuck?"... and then TB bit deep into my neck. His fangs plunged in and at first the feeling was almost orgasmic. That feeling subsided and was replaced by a crippling tickly electric type sensation. The feeling was so strong I couldn't fight back, even had a hard time pulling my thoughts together. I managed to call JF's name for help and he ran toward us. TB chuckled at the sight of JF running but not getting any closer to us. In my mind TB's voice demanded, "Bring me Shy. She's more fun. She wouldn't sit there like a little bitch and let this happen."

"You bring her." I said angrily, still struggling to break free.

He chuckled into my neck again and bit deeper. I realized then that he was draining away my 'realness'. I'd be left as a regular dream character and he'd become the master of the dream. He was going to take over my dream and wake up in possession of my body. I began to panic and had to constantly remind myself that it was a dream. JF was still running toward us and getting no closer so he couldn't help. I couldn't break free. Dream image by Dream Junkee: the silhouette of a giant robot or Mech, against a blue glare.

Then I remembered the Mech. With all my dwindling will I imagined the machine descending upon us. A huge shadow fell over me and TB and not knowing if it would work or not I thought, "FIRE!" A trail of bullets impacting cement rushed up from behind us.

"What are you doing?" TB asked, obviously shocked.

"Killing you."

With me still in his grip he lept up into the air, spun and landed back behind the Mech. The machine spun to face us but was only a silhouette in the sky. It's arms raised and took aim at us again.

"You're going to kill us!"

"No. Kill you. I'll wake up. Bitch."

"You're crazy. Stupid and crazy." he spat out before dropping me and leaping out of the way of the twin missiles that were fired at us.

With a good amount of my confidence restored I lept through the air and followed the fleeing TB. I managed to grab the ends of his hair and then descended. I pulled him with me. When I landed on the pavement I yanked even harder on his hair and slammed him hard into the ground. Then I pulled him up by his hair and flung him over me in a perfect arc to slam him into the cement on the opposite side of me. He didn't move so I stood over his chest, imagined my fists were lead and each weighted hundreds of pounds. I bent over and started bashing the hell out of TB's face and didn't quit until it was nothing but a moist red splatter mark on the ground.

Feeling I'd finally put the bastard in his place I looked around for JF and the Mech. Both were gone. I wondered if he'd put the claim on the Mech and was somewhere in it at that moment. The thought made me smile a bit. But then I felt movement. I looked down at TB and his flesh had become oily and black. It melted and split into hundreds of black strings that began wriggling away.

"FUUUCK!" I swore, feeling like an idiot for forgetting about his damned shadow abilities. To try and stop him I held my hands out and thin strings of energy zipped out from them and snared up most of the slithering shadow worms. The act quickly drained the energy from me and eventually the energy strings started snapping and the worms slithered away. I finally gave up and let the rest go. I knew I'd have to find JF to defeat TB. JF created him and knew all his weaknesses. But I didn't know where to start looking for JF and I was too weak to try anything super powerish.

TB was gone but I had a general feeling for where he was. I went after him and ended up at a concrete tunnel that lead underground. In the middle of the tunnel was a trashy stream. On either side trees and shrubs grew. I wandered deep into the tunnel knowing that TB could be anywhere or anything. An old homeless guy jumped out at me from no where and scared the hell out of me. I turned and ran all the way out of the tunnel again.

Once out there and safe I realized I had forgotten I was dreaming. I'd lost my lucidity for a while. Now I knew I was dreaming and felt like an idiot for running from that old man. Lucid and stoked to put an end to TB I entered the tunnel again, repeatedly telling myself that I WOULD NOT let him win.

I never found him.

I was awakened by my ferret chewing on the bars of her cage trying to get out.

--Dream Junkee

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