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Jump Overboard

Dreamed 1925/12/11 by Graham Greene

"On Wednesday night, I did not dream of a wreck, but I was on a ship and I was going to be faced with a punishment for something, to jump overboard, and what I feared was not so much the drowning as the wind of the fall from the liner's upper deck.

"In today's [Nottingham] Journal I find that on Wednesday night there was a terrible crash off the Yorkshire coast in a storm and the Captain ordered his men to jump into the sea, as the only hope, and all but two were drowned. It's awfully strange. Of course on an occasion like that there must be terrific mental waves of terror, and my mind seems to be particularly attuned to the terror-of-drowning wave."

SOURCE: Letter to Vivien Dayrell-Browning, quoted in The Life of Graham Greene by Norman Sherry, v.1, p. 106.

Curiously, after quoting three such apparent telepathic nightmares, Sherry simply drops the subject! Yet if Greene's unconscious did sense others' terror this effectively, this explains much about Greene's life--from his notoriously painful childhood (he attempted suicide to escape boarding school) to his adult reclusiveness.

Even Greene himself misses this: he assumes the broadcast was intense, not the receiver unusually sensitive. Yet were there a thousand such nightmare-reports? No; just Greene's. If ESP exists at all, it surely varies in acuity, like any sense; and Greene was clearly sensitive. At least, as he says, to terror. Lucky guy!

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