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Dreamed 1995/7/3 by Chris Wayan

A running, frightened figure silhouetted by a red-gold explosion

We're terraforming Mars. In just a century it's grown from a lifeless world to having a cold, thin atmosphere--but breathable! I feel impatient, but this is incredibly fast; a whole world coming alive. Though a powerful, well-organized group opposes our work and has threatened sabotage.

I'm walking down a straight canyonlike street between glass towers: a research or medical complex, still under construction.

Suddenly a bomb goes off! It's a hi-tech device, bright as a sun, with gold-white stylized rays. Each ray is a deadly laserbeam. They slice right into buildings... As the bomb rolls, the beams sweep down the fine stone faces of the towers, leaving molten trails like afterimages. But these wounds bleed lava.

I find the only shelter I can: the street goes over a slight rise or pass and on the far side is a thin wedge of laser-shadow. Safe for the time being. But I'm angry they want to stop us from making a world live again, and scared that they have such weapons, and will use them.

Wait. Patience. It can't put out power like that for long. They can't, either. Such bombs aren't cheap, and no one will sympathize with them after this brutal attack. In the long term, they've doomed themselves.

But in the short term... while the lasers flare, I'm pinned here.


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