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Box of Dreams:

Dreamed 2009/10/24 by Jenny Badger Sultan


I am on a steep mountain with Laura, sliding down, grabbing clumps of plants.

I ask her "Do you want to have another child?"


Laura is a friend and peer of mine, though about 10 years younger. Our sons are good friends and have been since nursery school. She is now a nursery school director and has been for some time--so she is surrounded with little kids all the time.

It turns out that her younger son and his wife are going to have a baby in Sept. [2010] though I had the dream way before this pregnancy.

The dream may be a meditation on pregnancy. My husband Hank and I had been talking about how we decided to have two kids, even though at times I wanted more, but money and time to do art were factors in deciding on two.

The dream was puzzling to me, but the flash I just got was that the steep mountainside may represent the aging process to me.

Also, even when things seem dire and dangerous, grabbing onto the green plants can slow the falling.

--Jenny Badger Sultan


Jenny achieves the strange textures seen here by using an old Surrealist technique called decalcomania--applying paint to one surface, slapping it down on another, and peeling it off, leaving complex maze-like textures. You see it in the paintings of Max Ernst.

--Chris Wayan

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