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Les Licornes
(The Unicorns)

Dream-painting (oil and sculpture on canvas) painted fall 2007 by Marie-Claude Girondé

Dream-based oil painting, 'Les Licornes' by Marie-Claude Girondé. Click to enlarge.
Photo of painter Marie-Claude Girondé

Les licornes se nourrissent de vos rêves, si vous avez su garder une âme d'enfant avec la capacité de vous émerveiller,de vous émouvoir, si vous avez su garder votre sensibilité, elles seront toujours a vos cotés et surgiront du fond de nulle part pour vous aider à réaliser vos rêves les plus fous.

(Unicorns are nourished by your dreams, if you've known to keep a childlike soul with the capacity to feel wonder, to be moved; if you've known how to keep your sensitivity, they will always be at your side, springing up from nowhere to help you realize your craziest dreams.)

--Marie-Claude Girondé

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