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three dreamlets

Dreamed August 9 and 31, 2006, by Patagia

August 9, 2006:

A hand pressed an empty, lidless, 10-ounce Campbell soup can against my body, and tilted it to release a flow of warm, humid air. It had force, life force.

I knew it was someone's last breath.

"Whose?" I thought. And then: "Who pushed this last breath against my body, and why?"

later the same night:

My friend Alder stood in a bright-painted apartment, with a big smile on her face. She told me "I'm going to open an ice cream parlor here in San Francisco, like Maggie Mudd's." From the size of her smile, I knew she would succeed.

August 31, 2006:

Chris Wayan was feeling very insecure. I was trying to show him how good he was, and let him know that he could do some new activity. I was kind of an intermediary in getting him placed in some job.

I felt tender toward him, like a sister to a dear brother.


Notice how parallel the second and third dreams are: both loving, optimistic dreams of friends starting new careers. And from first-hand knowledge, I'd say both Alder and I ought to take Patagia's dream-advice. In America, teaching and art are good ways to starve.

But it's that first dream that sticks. What was going on there?

--Chris Wayan

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