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LUNAMOTH (Around #11)

Nondream image done twice: digital, 1998/8/7 or soon after; acrylic on 12" gold plate, 2002; by Chris Wayan

One day, in a library book, I saw an abstract collage by Karl Rössing. This moth-girl popped out of the texture. I'm not sure he meant her to be there, but I couldn't stop seeing her. So I painted her clearer... and then realized she was me in my dreams. Day Me curls up and Night Me unfolds: a girl with dark moth-wings, not angel-white but camouflaged--one with the dangerous magical dark, that seethes with larval, metamorphosing faces.

Me as a nightwinged moth-girl in a starry sea, with larval bug-faces round the margins
The Arounds are a set of dark round drawings I'm doing, inspired by Odilon Redon's "noirs" (dreamlike charcoal-drawings built on a dark ground) in which he worked out his childhood fears and obsessions...
Me as a nightwinged moth-girl in a starry sea, painted on a golden serving platter.
This is a second version, painted on a gold serving platter a friend gave me, knowing I was doing a round series and thinking it'd be fun to see some images in the real, undigital world... Sorry it's a little blurry; the only photo I have. The plate was stolen soon after.

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