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Magic Finger

Dreamed 1982 (May?) by Katherine Metcalf Nelson

'Magic Finger': a hand vanishes leaving one vaginal feathery finger; dream-sketch by Katherine Metcalf Nelson.


On a hill above a small Moroccan town, a horseman in a purple turban
and billowing black pants sits astride a chestnut mare.
He descends into the valley with speed and grace that remind me
of the Arabs in Delacroix's Lion Hunt. Galloping between a
sharp-pointed agave and a dark drooping Deodora cedar,
he meets a band of mercenaries below.

They move in to take the village. Horrified, I watch.
Next to me sits a twelve-year-old boy. "lf you take away their lifestyle,"
he says, "you must remove their brains. They won't suffer.
It's like unhooking a fish."

Before I can ask why, I am thrust elsewhere.
An artist/writer friend and I are working on a drawing of a right hand.
She draws the outline of a Moroccan good-luck symbol, the sign of Fatima.
Fingers disappear into a blue-violet net that becomes rippling fish scales,
becomes a painted Easter egg. ln the end, only the middle finger remains
to form a vagina with a small circular mark where the knuckle was.

"What a slit!" We burst out laughing.

A connection is made by hand between earth and heaven.

Source: Katherine Metcalf Nelson's Night Fishing, 1997, p.41.
Scrawled on illustration: The life hand is still caught in the net, but not the feather spirit.
Come to think of it, that's my feeling for this dream--it's spirit's elusive. I don't get it.
But I get that there's something to get.

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