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Manta Moths

Dreamed 1990/10/3, with echoes from a much earlier dream, 1982/1/22

This is about my earliest digital comic, drawn with a mouse on a low-res Amiga with 8 colors, later expanded to 16. It's Stone Age and it shows. If the print's too small to read, click for doublesize version.

But under the crude graphics, the dream makes a subtle claim about dreaming itself...

Page 1 of a digital comic, Manta Moths, dreamed & drawn by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Page 2 of a digital comic, Manta Moths, dreamed & drawn by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


Here's the earlier dream--eight years earlier. Yet the parallels are obvious; whatever issue these dreams address, it's long-term.

Dreamed 1983/1/22 by Wayan

Im a woman in a culture that builds step-pyramids the size of mountains. Were plagued by a flock of predatory gliders. Made of metal and plastic, yet alive. I have a new idea on how to protect ourselves from them. I tell it to the old woman whos our village leader. She says Never mind us down here. They need that idea on top of the holy mountain.

Its a dangerous climb. Im scared to go, but I join a pilgrim party. Terrible rickety ridge trail. Stone, but utterly rotten. Well never make it up; theres a fearsome drop ahead. Narrow bridge. If its as rotten as this...

A pair of predatory gliders sweep round the pyramid, overhead. No: ones chasing and diving on the other! We take our chance, run for the bridge. Thousand-foot chasm below. To cross the bridge, though, we must putt golf balls across. I compete with another pilgrim who putts first. It goes slightly crooked, falls off the bridge near the end, falls a thousand feet to the river. But it never reaches the water: something leaps up, opens gigantic jaws, and swallows the ball midair. A sharklike creature. I stare at it. One of many in the water. If I stop looking to get out a fish hook and line, Ill lose the right shark and well never get our ball back.

We wont anyway. That shark never fell back in. The ball fertilizes it somehow. In mid-leap it transforms into a glider and climbs out of the canyon on its new wings... A glider of the opposite type sails by... and they start to fight. Thumbnail sketch of a living glider; dreamed & drawn by Wayan

Now I wonder--are the two types sexes? Maybe the fight is a mating dance. And if so...

How much more about them do we misinterpret?


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