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Dreamed 1980/1/11 by Chris Wayan

If you need to catch giant moth-monsters, here's how the Agile Beasts do it.

First, build a box like a slide-viewer, with a big slot halfway up the wall to insert the slides. Add a couple of round openings you can climb in through, though a Giant Moth can't--even closed, their wings need a wide slot.

Now, climb inside as bait! Climb in and out constantly so the moth can see it's not a trap but some kind of shelter. The bug can crawl in the slot with its wings folded and drop to the floor and explore. But when it tries to climb back up, the walls are too smooth. And the box is too narrow for it to unfold its wings and fly. Sneaky as a lobster-pot.

Of course the giant moths are intelligent too; they may figure out a way to escape. If so, they might well start building people-pots, geared to trap Humans or Agile Beasts. But I'm clever; I might very well escape such a trap.

Okay, you're clever too. The question is "What do you do AFTER you escape a people trap?"

Answer: Run like hell! Unlike lobsters, you can talk, you can warn others about the trap! So the moth people will be out to kill you quick, before you spoil all their traps forever.

Better to be cautious and don't get lured into traps at all--even ones you know you can escape.


I went to Psychodrama today. A woman named Bonnie did a scene: she was big and full of animal energy--an Agile Beast! Is psychodrama the trap? I watch, but don't participate much, and the directors don't encourage me, and the scenes I've tried didn't help me. It keeps me voyeuristically hooked, fascinated by the images I see--but there's just no room here for me to spread my wings.

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