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Dreamed 2007/10/13 and 2007/10/23 by Roswila [aka Patricia Kelly]

Sheesh! I know I keep saying how busy and/or stressed out I am, but this month really took the cake. An on-line psiber dreaming conference at which I presented a workshop on dreamku that continued for a full two weeks, followed right away by a trip to California (Santa Barbara), and that followed by a trip way upstate New York (Saranac Lake). Both trips were to check out retirement residences (the first also was to visit a few dear friends).

Just the thought of pulling up the 23 years' worth of roots I have in this apartment makes me nauseous, but it is time to do so. However, there are many other considerations and I've been worrying myself sick over everything. I'd love to put it all off, take in a short-term roommate and save more money, then move later. But I know it will only get harder to do so as I get even older. So my sense is to do it now if at all possible, no matter how objectively (and subjectively) hard it is...

DREAMED 2007/10/13

you are right
to travel on from them all
no second guessing

DREAMED 2007/10/23

I "heard" the above dreamku repeated again and again in my dream.

My dreams this month also consistently supported my continuing to work toward moving, no matter how I was feeling. As did all the Tarot card readings I did. Without these two support systems I do not know if I'd still be pursuing the (waking) dream of moving.


[NOTE: Roswila did in fact move to California soon after--Ed.]

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