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My Husband's Death

Dreamed 1922 by Gertrude M. Pritchard

I married in 1920 the Rev. James Pritchard who was Congregational minister here [Herne Bay, Kent, England] for 14 years and greatly beloved.

Our marriage was a very happy one. In 1922 I had a very vivid dream which I told many people. I thought that my husband died whilst preaching and that I made my way through a great crowd to find him lying dead behind velvet curtains. The dream made a great impression on me, and many times when he was preaching I felt anxious, but I never could understand the velvet curtains.

On November 9th 1924 my husband was asked to give the address at the Armistice Service in the Pier Pavilion--there were 2500 present and I sat with my step-daughter right at the back of the hall. I had never heard him more eloquent.

As I was finding the last hymn someone said "Your husband has fainted." I looked up and saw him being carried from the platform. We made our way through the crowd and when I got on to the platform I found him lying dead behind the green velvet drop curtains. The Last Post was sounded, and he was covered with the Union Jack....

SOURCE: Some Cases of Prediction by Dame Edith Lyttelton (1937); p.112-13. Lyttelton also quotes two witnesses who heard Mrs. Pritchard tell her dream two years before his death.

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