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1972/8/1; feltpen and colored pencil, museum drawing, nondream, 11 x 8.5", by Chris Wayan

One of my first drawings outside schoolwork: a museum sketch of a Navaho painting of horses I saw in a small museum in Mesa Verde National Park. I admired that 1930s Navaho gouache style--clear & luminous, it really felt to me like the high desert air does.

Four running horses in 1930s Navajo gouache style; museum sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

I also felt an illicit thrill because as far as I was concerned, I was drawing cute naked bodies and they got me hot. I was responding as if I was still a wild horse on the Navaho Reservation--and that's exactly who I dreamed I was, every night for years when I was very young (birth to three or four). That had faded by my teens; but I still hadn't fully identified (or oriented) as human.

Decades later, I'm still waiting for that.

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