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Nazis Burn My Art

Dreamed before 1995 by Rick Veitch

Nazis burn my art; dream-comic by Rick Veitch. Click to enlarge.

SOURCE: Rick Veitch's Rabid Eye, 1995, King Hell Press, a compilation of his comic book series Rare Bit Fiends; p. 90.


Primal! Note that Rick's done plenty of work that is political--sometimes savagely so (like Teknophage, which calls capitalism cannibalism)--but what the Nazis choose to burn is perfectly innocuous. Bullying is never really about issues, but pecking order. We rule you--end of story. The dream makes that point concisely.

Of course, there's another layer. "Let's see how it stands up to ze ovens!" The Nazi commander may be Rick's own inner critic. His art is flawed, fails the test, can't take the heat.

But even a nightmare like this may hide a positive message. The commander's phrasing hints that a real masterpiece would emerge intact. So behind these ugly twin critics--self and society--the dream may be urging Rick to up his game. More ambitious, not less. After all, if you get criticized for any art, no matter how innocuous, then why not be bold?

--Chris Wayan

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