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Hot and Cold

Dreams of heat and cold. Many sleep & dream theories assume dreams are almost entirely visual, auditory and kinetic. Wrong, wrong, wrong! RELATED TOPICS: fire - ice & snow - climate change - other neglected dream-senses: taste & smell - auras & body energy - ESP - See also the full INDEX OF SUBJECTS.

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ANNE GOT LOST: by Anne's friend; 1936, a warning dream wisely acted on
She was headed for a rock wall. The brakes faded; she smelled burning.
Then she woke. Her friends laughed, but she asked a neighbor what to do if...
ANOCHE / LAST NIGHT: by Antonio Machado; c. 1900; a joyful dream poem
Last night, as I slept, I dreamt--illusion blessed!--that I had a beehive, here inside my heart...
BAKE HER PHOTO: by Wayan; 1993/10/24, a short, psychic dream.
I dream I've carried a photo with me 17 years, but now... I BAKE it. The next day, I meet...
BEAN BAR: by Wayan; 1985/12/28, a culinary fable.
I don't know beans about right action, so Kokoro, master chef
of the Bean Bar, teaches me the stages of true mastery...
BERNAL ISLET IN 2250: by Wayan; 2007/4/2, an epic undream painting
My neighborhood becomes a Huck Finn Eden after global warming turns it into a tropical island...
THE BRUNDIBAR SEA: by Wayan; 2005/12/18, a mystical manifestation dream
Biking, I stray into the steamy Brundibar Sea. My bike dissolves!
But hot-tubbers explain the Sea manifests what you visualize. Yay! Uh-oh...
CAPSICA: by Wayan; 2010, a hot ecological model.
Worried Earth's warming a degree or two?
Capsica's mean average temperature is 35°C (63°F) hotter than Earth...
CATGIRL HOODED IN SNOW: by Wayan; 1982, ink sketch of daydream, 11 x 14".
I was never sure where her winter cloak ended and her winter coat began...
THE CHUTE: by Wayan; 1993/11/10, a dream transforming fear.
I'm warily crossing an avalanche chute in winter, when my worst fear happens. Then the slide speaks up...
THE CITY, NOT LONG AFTER: by Wayan; 1998/4/22-30, acrylic cityscape of our flooded future.
What my home town will become, if you fools keep burning gas and spewing CO2...
THE CONCHES: by Wayan; 1996/5/23, a dream on how dreams view the waking mind.
A visit to the Conches, a strange race of molluscs who are people only seasonally...
THE DEAD BABY: by Wayan; 1985/8/4 a dream of hope.
My sister gives birth during a killer heatwave. The baby's dead. I play with the body, like a chimp...
DESERT SLAVERS: by Wayan; 2015/5/29; a grim dream replayed a bit better
A gang of slavers catch my family. I flee on a bike but it breaks down. Stranded. Replay! This time I have a gun...
DISNEY'S MAKE-OUT DATE: by Andrea Rogers, art by Jesse Reklaw; pre-2000; a creepy dream
I'm in a car with Walt Disney. A blonde comes in out of the rain.
He promises to make her a star, and puts his hands...
THE DOCTOR KILLS A TERN: by Wayan; 1988/9/24. A dream poem, Dreamverse #4
Dr Who kills his best friend, a huge white tern, on a whim. Furious, I demand a rewrite...
THE DOOR GIRL: by Wayan; 1997/9/6, a road-not-taken dream.
A doorway not taken (for the most sensible of reasons) provoked a magical dream of what I missed...
DUBIA: by Wayan; summer 2003, a nondream sculpture/prophecy/travelog.
What Earth will look like 1000 years from now, with doubled CO2, flooded coasts and melted poles...
ECCENTRIC: by Wayan; 1990/5/17, a two-page dream-comic.
I'm a small planet in an eccentric orbit: a one-day summer, a two-day winter. Rest and hibernate, or...
AN ELK SHOWED ME A SIGN OF PEACE: by Georganna Malloff; 1985?, painting of a vision
In the Rockies, in winter, I was freezing until I found hot springs. In the steam rising, I saw a vision of an elk...
EMBER IN THE BRAIN: by Wayan; 1983/3/31, a dreamtale on anger.
I'm the Incredible Hulk, forced to do emergency brain surgery. For the patient's burning from within...
THE EQUATORIAL BET: by Wayan, 2017/7/24, a dream of a climatological game that politics intrudes on
I'm playing 'Drop Me Anywhere' with a friend: I pick the latitude, he picks the longitude.
Can I survive naked one day? I pick the equator as my best bet...
EQUESTRIAN NUNAVUT: by Wayan, 2017/4/27, a dream of a utopia in an unlikely place
After a hard day in the recording studio, I dream of our wiser successors,
after we drown America: the sentient equines of Greenland and Nunavut...
EXPLODING SWAN: by Aleksanteri Nevalainen; 2010/9; a surreal anxiety dream
In a world where ice contracts & sinks, birds freeze in winter, thaw in spring. But one swan knows better......
FEVER HILL: by Wayan; 1991/4/13, a comic Buddhist nightmare.
My fever-dreams manifest physically and mess up my whole neighborhood. Seismic inspectors arrive...
FEVER DREAMS: by Wayan; 1993/9/8, a set of wild feverdreams.
While my body expels a kidney stone, weird scenes happen on the astral plane. At least I get to dip the pope.
A FIRE ENTIRELY WITHOUT HEAT: by Jenny Badger Sultan; 2008/9/11; painting in the Box of Dreams
On the anniversary of 9/11, I dreamed a friend was welding nude. In his careful hands, the fire was harmless...
FIREBOWL: by Wayan; 2013/9/14; a diagnostic/climatological/futurological dream
I'm in the High Plains, at a huge powwow on climate change. This could become, not a new
dustbowl, but a firebowl. As I wake, I find I'm running a fever! And the dream hints what caused it...
FIVE ELVISH DREAMS: by Dolores J. Nurss; 2005/6/10-2005/6/19, an incubated lucid-dream sequence
1: I visit Elrond and Bilbo in Elvenhome, but overthinking traps me in a timeloop;
2: Elrond says he renounces seriousness for joy, and plans a great, inclusive party;
3: I feel unworthy, but set out on a desert quest with Elrond's young apprentice;
4: I meet joyful, drunken, singing elves but hide in a tree, too shy to join in;
5: I meet a nervous elven singer and a dolphin trapped in a tiny pool in my bedroom...
FLOCK WISDOM: by Alder; 1958, a magic comic frustration dream
My eighth grade class is a flock of birds migrating south for the winter, but we don't migrate the easy way...
FLOO PORTAL: by Wayan; 2015/12/4, a dreamlet-poem of stepping beyond boundaries
I live in a huge half-hotel. The only way into the other half is through a fireplace.
It's forbidden. But one woman steps through the fire--do I dare follow?...
FOX ON THE TRAIN: by Wayan; 2015/1/9, an advisory dream-poem plus digital painting
I'm a guard on a train crossing the desert who falls in love with a refugee fox-girl,
despite heavy specist peer-pressure and the archaic Railway Code...
GUNNHILDR'S BIRTH DREAM: by Gunnhildr; c. 1150, a surreal predictive dream.
I dreamt I gave birth to a white-hot stone shedding sparks. Most folk would find my son strange...
HAND ME THE MATCHES!: by Wayan; 1984/9/25, a predictive dream.
My sisters and I try to kill kidnappers by setting fires. Dumb, huh? The next day I fight a virus--with fever!
HEAD ON MY TABLE: by Lauren Watley; 2011/2/16, a creepy dream-image with depth
After a day of troubling conflicts over race & art, I dream I'm handed a hot, heavy, mossy head--is it art, or alive?
HEALING THE RING: by Wayan; 1984/8/22, a nightmare on... anger?
I bear a Ring of Power meant to corrupt me. I cleansed it, at a cost, but can't wield it till I've read its spell...
HELL-TORNADO: by Wayan; 1988/7/2, a dream on social engineering.
Who built the tornado in the Heartland, that sucks anyone who opens their spirit-wings down to Hell?
HEPBURNING: by Wayan; 1984/8/1, a nightmare on repression.
Kat Hepburn burns inside as passionate aliens take over our souls. How can we expel them before...
HOT-AIR FEMINISM: by Wayan; 2019/1/3; a harsh political dream
The latest MeToo meme is to leave a door open at night with a heater on, so a hot-air plume marks
a refuge for women in danger--or, of course, burglars! So I stalk our neighborhood locking doors...
HOT POT CAT LOT: by Wayan; 1992/8/6, a delayed-action psychic dream.
After a bad writing class, I meet a shy catgirl guarding a Mongolian Hot Pot, and discover who I am...
A HOT SKATER: by Wayan; 1997/5/8, a suggestive dream.
A skater so hot, she tears her clothes off and starts melting the ice! I'm shy with her: thin ice, you know...
I WAS A SEX SLAVE: by Wayan; 1994/11/20, a dream on isolation
I'm a slave dancer. I run for it, and make it over the border. But my owner comes looking for me...
ICERINK: by Wayan; 1980/8/23, a warning dream.
Psychodrama seemed like a way to meet cool people. But when I dreamed they were ice-skating rioters...
ICE-TRAY: by Anonymous #28; pre-1961, a waking intuition so unlikely it suggests ESP
I lost two rings. Searched hours; nothing. I hadn't touched the freezer all day, yet I peered into the icecubes...
IN THE STAR; 1988/9/12 by Wayan; an epic, out-of-body, intrastellar quest-dream
I tour the heart of a red supergiant, where dreaming souls explore
their fears and heart's desires, unconstrained by solid matter...
IRONY: by Wayan; 2007/6/15. A vertical comicstrip burned into (naturally) an ironing board
I'm so sick of irony I decide to get my sense of irony surgically removed and replace it with...
JACUZZI JAIL: by Wayan; 1979/10/12, a dream of parental poison.
My family has shackled my little sister in a hot tub full of carcinogenic bubble bath...
JAREDIA: by Wayan; 770K, 26 illus, early 2003, a nondream sculpture/photoessay/travelog.
I tilted the Earth to create a tropical supercontinent from Bali to Tierra
del Fuego. What will evolve there--and on the new tropical Antarctica?
JOE COOL IN FINANCIAL HELL: by Wayan; 2009/6/15; Dreamverse #46
When the school district goes bankrupt, students flee creditors into a hell-cave.
But Joe Cool can skateboard even on lava in the Pit...
KING OF THE KILN: by Wayan; 1996/11/25, a psychic dream.
I dream of a scary king who offers to bake my dreams to strengthen them. Then my friend Mark calls...
LIBRATIA: by Wayan; 2011 (ongoing); tours of a semi-tidelocked planet.
Worlds orbiting small stars need to huddle so close for warmth that tidal forces make one side always day,
one always night. But if the orbit's eccentric, the sun wobbles--and broad regions are Earthlike...
LIGHTEN UP, ROADS!: by Wayan; 1994/6/28, a dreamed eco-proposal.
Recycling used paint to lighten pavements could lower continental temperatures a fraction of a degree...
LILIES, DREAMER, FOX: by Wayan; 1998/5/27, acrylic on 46" plywood disk, life study.
She didn't want to be there. She closed her eyes and went elsewhere. So I painted where she went...
MAN OVERBOARD: by Sir Stephen King-Hall; 1916, a lifesaving premonition acted on
I was officer of the watch in the Southampton. I knew that as we passed an islet a mile ahead, a man would fall overboard...
THE MAN WITH THE GUITAR: by Wayan; 1992/7/4, a psychic dream-comic (or illus. text))
A volcano erupts in San Francisco! No human could survive the blast, but one researcher does--what IS he?
MARS REBORN: by Wayan; 15 pages, 27 photos, 2003/9/22, a tour of a sculpted/virtual world
Mars as it will be 1000 years from now, terraformed. A guided tour with photos...
MARTIAN AIRLOCK and JAGUAR MASK: by Wayan, 2015/6/22, twin shamanic near-nightmares
Jaguar Mask: a were-jaguar stuck in human form asks me to sew a new jaguar face on."But won't it hurt?...
Martian Airlock: I'm suitless on Mars. Freezing, choking, I dive into an airlock & slam the switch--but it's sabotaged...
THE MELTING POT: by Wayan; 1982/7/30, a nightmare on fitting in
They were swimming in the glowing, molten pool of the Melting Pot, and beckoned me to join them...
MERCURY: by Wayan; 1982/3/7, dream-poem of a lost future.
Mercury didn't spin! One side fire, one side ice. We farmed in domes, between--until the sun brightened...
A NEW MERMAID DISH: by Wayan; 1994/11/13, a parabolic dream
A mermaid friend invites me to see an underwater experiment in the Golden Gate...
MIDWAY: by Wayan; 1994/2/4, twin shamanic dream-lessons.
I'm cold and dark and disoriented! What am I doing wrong? Nothing--I'm just halfway to Alpha Centauri...
MIGRATION THROUGH FIRE: by Wayan; 1999/9/3, a dream of what matters.
I'm a shaggy primitive whose tribe's outgrown our caves. We migrate, and meet two new species of people...
THE MIX-UP: by Marilyn Stablein; 1968, an early comic dream of human-induced climate change
Tibetan prayers for good weather are answered too well. Heat wave! Tourists fly in, but planes can't land--
melting glaciers flood the airstrips. So tourists eager to sunbathe in Tibet strap on parachutes, prepare to jump...
MUSHROOM-SHAPED ROCK: by Jenny Badger Sultan, 2000/4/14, a happy dream
I climb a huge mushroom-shaped rock rising from a hotspring and prepare to dive in...
NAZIS BURN MY ART: by Rick Veitch; pre-1995; the primal art-nightmare
Nazis call my simple architectural drawing a social protest, take it at gunpoint,
and toss it in the ovens. The commander mocks me with its ashes...
NORASINGH: by Wayan; 1987/1/15, a Tantric Frankenstein dream.
I fall in love with my sculpture of a mythical Southeast Asian creature. Then a mad yogi breaks in...
ODE TO NOT WRITING ODES: by Wayan; 2019/7/17; a nondream non-ode
In an Oakland literary salon (no, not an oxymoron) I'm supposed to
write an ode. But it's so hot, and I have surreal dreams to sketch...
OFF DOVER: by Wayan; 2010/9/30, a dream-based mini-sestina (poetic experiment)
I'm biking over the English Channel. So mild & easy after the Greenland-to-New-York run...
OISIN: by Wayan; 2005-2013, 32 maps and images; a nondream virtual world
A model of a moon, half-Europa, half-Mars, with (intelligent?) life in seas under a skin of ice...
ORE PIRATES, by Wayan, 2009/5/29; a dream-poem, Dreamverse #45
I'm in a movie version of prehistoric Baja California, mining nuggets that howl,
when pterodactyl-worshiping pirates glide in trying to snatch our ore...
OSENTO: by Wayan; 1991/2/15. Digital painting based on a dream.
Osento is a bath house that my friends all love. But women only. So I dream I change sex just to...
OTTER MEDICINE: by The-Fringe, a Crow healer, early 1850s; a shamanic dream with physical effects
I slept on an island in a scalding hot spring, praying for a dream. I got one--and woke up on the shore...
OTTER NERD FROM TITAN: by Wayan; 2012/4/15 & sequel-dream (2013/2/9), a dream-poem on social skills
A suspicious exobiologist warns me that otter from Titan may not be the amiable, nerdy celebrity it seems. But...
OUR BEST SONG: by Wayan; 1983/10/25, a decade-long dream of song and flight.
The artcops search-and-destroy our flying band, and my wings are shorn. But ten years later,
songless, apathetic, I climb through my TV--and the women of Vietnam show me a new way to fly...
THE PARABLE OF THE CAVE: by Wayan; 1993/9/18, an antisocial dream.
Plato never did say what shed the light that cast those shadows on his cave wall. I find out.
THE PEAK WHERE I DIED: by Wayan; 1983/1/16. A dark dream-comic.
I froze to death trying to climb an icy peak. But I try again, and this time,
no holds barred. Wow, am I selfish! But alive...
THE PEGASI TUB: by Wayan; 2013/11/9, a fun, flirty dream I felt I didn't deserve
After a rainy hike I'm cold and muddy. In the camp's hot tub, six girls splash and play.
They welcome me, but I feel shy. They slowly become winged ponies! Were-Pegasi...
PLUTO THAWS: by Wayan; 1973/1/19, a mythic dream set on Pluto.
A quarrel between psychic adepts heats up to a war, thawing Pluto.What'll the ice-tribes wish for?
POD WAR: by Wayan; 1979/10/14, an "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" dream
Emotionless pod-people surround the last free humans. I fight for humanity, but I'm not human or pod--I'm...
POINTED EARS, POINTED DREAM: by Wayan, 2019/1/4, a surreal dream
I walk home in cold rain; my hooded robe soaked. It has holes for my long pointed ears.
Hit a thriftshop to buy a dry one, and run into two girls I crushed on but ran away from:
Danielle is comforting Cary who's crying. Their ears are pointed too. Wait--who are we?...
POLES NOW, TROPICS LATER: by Wayan; 1997/3/27, a dream on the pace of change.
I'm a Martian revolutionary, making the glaciers grow. The equator's still dry, but change is coming...
RAINBOW TUNNEL: by Wayan; 1995/4/9 (MP3+lyrics), a global-warming nightmare song
In our steamy future, after the cities drown, I'm hiking through Rainbow Tunnel, when I meet a holy man...
MY RAPPEL-MAD SISTER: by Wayan; 1984/7/14-15, a dreamtale on being halfway.
My sister hoists us up to the Goddess's country too early, or too late: the ice is thawing,
REFLECTIONS IN THE POOL: by Wayan; 184K total, 2 panoramas; a 1994/7/2 dream.
Night. A mirror-maze of contradictory preachings. But in the secret mermaid pool, I find love.
Then... sphinx-angels war in the air! A war of riddles. Can I, a batwinged devil, make peace?
RING OF WHITE WATER: by Wayan; 1983/1/30, an epic astral dream.
I'm a raft guide on a circular river that may just be reincarnation. A girl in my
tour group jumps ship: she dreads the white water of rocky relationships ahead...
RINGSHADOWS: by Wayan; 1985/3/7, an otherworldly ecodream with subtle advice.
Earth has rainbow rings. They're braided like Saturn's, so their shadows create tinted microclimates...
RUBBERNECKER: by Wayan; dreamed 2000/4/24; a ghost comedy.
I dreamed of a woman whose jeep stalls on the Antarctic ice. Along comes the ghost of a Volkswagen...
SANTA CLUMP: by Wayan; 2009/9/16, an absurd dream-poem; Dreamverse #54
I find myself sitting on toy trains and fake snow as I'm told a fable:
how a herd of department-store Santas got tragically lost in a blizzard...
SCALDED: by Wayan; 1993/7/3, a near-nightmare.
The feud between our magical families is getting ugly. Hawk-Head's dad throws boiling water on me, so I...
SCORCH: by a California woman; 1944, a lifesaving olfactory hallucination (clairsniffance?)
I smelled scorching paint; my heater was about to burn the house. But I'd moved--my old house was six blocks away...
SEAPOLE: by Wayan; 20 illus., 2002-3, a nondream sculpture/photoessay/travelog.
Tilt a globe so neither pole has land to build icecaps on, and extrapolate.
Earth becomes a warm, flooded world like and unlike ours...
SERAFINA AND RAM DASS: by Wayan; a 2000/11/6 dream anticipating an 11/9 experience with auras
A Finnish shaman/witch gives me a lesson in night flying; in the waking world
I meet Ram Dass and sense him speak astrally before his body can get the words out...
SESSILE UTOPIA: by Wayan; 1998/8/8, a utopian dream that hid a precise stock tip
A writer invents an absurd setting for his Utopia, a lens of ice floating atop
Saturn's atmosphere--but then such sessile lenses turn out to be real.
The dream's details suggest buying a certain stock. I do, and...
SET ON FIRE: by Wayan; 2017/10/15, a dream on reckless stupidity
Yuppies with a lighter set me on fire--not even out of malice, just idly.
I'm a shaman, I can survive it, but I'm not immune to pain...
SHAPESHIFTER FEVER: by Wayan; 1989/1/30, a dream poem.
A summer love affair with a shapeshifting alien turns awkward when she gets a high fever, and...
SHIVERIA: by Wayan; 2002-3, travelog/sculpture/sketches of an alternate Earth
I tilted the Earth, and worked out its new ecology--part Mars, part steambath. Visit the Mediterranean Abyss
ruled by giant ravens, and Patagonia, ruled by mammoths, and Antarctica's jungles, ruled by lemurs...
SHOCKWAVE: by Wayan; 1996/7/27, a predictive nightmare.
My childhood home explodes into a vast pyroclastic cloud that comes boiling toward me, miles away...
SIPHONIA: by Wayan; 30 p, 2006-14, a nondream virtual world, in progress; maps, tours
First, suck up 90% of Earth's seas. Now wait 90,000 years for life to adapt. The continents are now
Tibetan plateaus above steamy new Deeps, ruled by giant parrots, ravens and otters...
SIPHONIAN QUARTET: by Wayan; 2010/4/10, four baffling parallel-world dreams
1: Purple squid saboteurs flood our cliffhouse. 2: My oyster-ranching girlfriend has a snobby aunt.
3: I wake in a stranger's bondage fantasy--ugh! 4: Shepherds on the sea-floor watch for gliderwolves...
SKY-THAW; 2012/6/8 by Wayan; a comic, surreal, political dream-poem
While watching two rooftop actors (one a chicken) I noticed the icebergs in the sky were melting at last...
SNOWDRIFTS: by Catshall; c. 2014/11/5, a dream-haiku on the drought
I dream of snowdrifts too deep to get back home, even though...
SNOW STALLION: by Wayan; 1994/6/4, a tangled political/spiritual dream.
I'm a peace terrorist trapped in Squaw Valley, herded like a mare by a huge stallion made of snow...
And then the dream shifts. I blurt out the truth behind our idiotic waking world! And wake believing it...
SPRINTERS AND SPHINX: by Wayan; 2009/11/13, a dream poem.
Divers made of ice win the Traffic-Leaping Olympics. But
I think they cheated! I seek my friend the Sphinx...
SQUISH!: by Farelle-Moon; early 2006, drawn 2006/4/6, a comic furry sex dream
I went to bed with a stuffed wolf, and found myself in a hot tub with a
cute wolf guy, only now I seemed to be the plush one...
STINKING RICH: by Wayan; 1993/1/20, a dream about class rage. Stupid class rage.
I envy and resent a rich family's mansion so much I break in and sabotage their giant meat freezer...
STORM WARNING: by Wayan, 1993/3/17, surreal comic of an atmospheric dream
Thirsty deer invade the hall. Children play in the dunes encroaching on the city.
Will those ominous red clouds drop rain? Or sand?
SWIMMING IN VAN GOGH'S OCEAN: by Amandaclay; c.2011/12/9, a dream of love & beauty
On a cruise to Catalina Island, I find friends, a boyfriend and a magical sea of color...
TAROT: THE SOLAR REVOLUTION: by Wayan; Tarot card, 3x5", summer 1979.
The card of revolution! The old towers of strength come down, not via war but obsolescence...
TEMEMTIM: by Wayan; 1995/3/3 and 3/16; two linked archeology dreams.
My cold-sensitive dinosaur friend makes a find at our archeological dig by thinking like the Old Ones...
THINGS WASH OFF: by Wayan; 2009/4/22, a dream fingering the cause of a breakup; Dreamverse #49
Those Hollywood lovers in the tub seem perfect together, until... oh, read the title!
THIRTY DAYS; 1980/4/15-16 by Wayan; a poem on an ill-timed premonition--or something worse
Did sex turn creepy because I sensed the madman stalking us?
Or did sex-without-love somehow summon him?
A THOUSAND BIRDS: by Wayan; 2008/2/28, a mystical little dream
I watch Disney animate the Legend of the Thousand Birds, who pull
a wireframe sleigh of light right through a dark, material Santa...
TIE MARK UP: by Wayan, 2019/2/1, three dreams warning lifelong habits demand serious change
1: A parade of grotesque crystal-skulled wizards, lion- & dino-people. 2: I curl up with three wild creatures but they're skittish. Patience!
3: My friend Mark's grown thuggish--tries to rape me. I hit his head, tie him up, seek a restraining order. Will the cops believe me?
THE TIGER WHEEL, by Wayan, 2009/4/25; a dream-poem, Dreamverse #44
A tiger-couple on an ice floe must choose: swim for land, or
ride the current full circle back home, risking starvation?
TILT!: by Wayan; 2002-3, a nondream study of four alternate Earths
I drilled new poles in my globe and tilted the Earth. Ice Age or Carboniferous? Flood or drought?
Come visit tropical Antarctica, the Thai Desert, the Hawaiian glaciers, the jungles of France!
THE TOAST OF CREATION: by Wayan; 1981/11/21, nondream crayon/ink image
How the world was really created. God said "Let it be well done" and it was well done.
TOO MUCH TO BEAR: by Wayan; 1997/4/28, an alt-world 10p. dream comic or text w/pics
I dreamed that huge nouveau-riche polar bears invaded San Francisco, evicting us locals...
TOWER OF THE MARTIAN DEAD: by Wayan, 1983/7/7; a dream-poem of an exo-Valhalla
Climbing a mountain on Mars, I reach a hall where I'm transformed into a cryophilic being.
Then I feast on methane soup with the heroic Martian dead...
TRITONIAN FOXTAUR U.: by Wayan; 2016/9/10, a wish-fulfilling dream set on Triton
I'm an exchange student at the Solar System's best university for
the magic arts; my classmates are methane-breathing foxtaurs...
UNIVERSITY OF THE SIERRA: by Wayan; 1975/10/30, a pun-studded dream poem
Jealous of newlyweds, I grind my teeth. But the Ice Age ground the Sierra's granite teeth, and they're lovelier for it...
UNSHADE TREES: by Wayan; 1981/7/18, an advice-dream.
Unshade trees are ugly. But my friends list their uses: casting shadows lighter than
sunlight, keeping land clear of other trees, and the fruit. Fruit? WHAT fruit? Am I blind?
VAMPIRE TESTS: by Wayan; 2015/8/22, a lurid dream-response to a quiet day
Captain Kirk is testing vampire myths on a world where they don't bleed you dry.
At the moment, three vamps are sitting in a tent in a sunny meadow, queasy but alive...
VENUS UNVEILED: by Wayan, 2004/8/30; a virtual world with c.200 photos, maps, portraits.
Tour Venus as it will be in 1000 years, after terraforming: paradise for dozens of intelligent species!
VOLCANISM, IMPACTS, AND MASS EXTINCTIONS: by Wayan; 2019/4/25; reaction to a startling book
This symposium, airing a dispute between geologists & astronomers who just don't read each others' papers,
had multiple revelations--big hazards, bigger holes in our knowledge, and bigger opportunities...
WARM FUZZIES: by Wayan; 1990/2/20, an origin-myth dream.
I take a shortcut with the Warm Fuzzies, boating on lava through the earth's core,
and now when a volcano erupts, I know who it is that's quarreling beneath..
THE WIND FROM HELL: by Wayan; 1981/4/21, a dream-poem.
Hot air rises, right? So there's a monsoon from Hell,
lifting souls. Lucky for us that gravity balances it...
XANADU: by Wayan; 2006/6/6, a nondream virtual world
An alternate Titan, Titan as it should have been, with ethane seas full of life...
YOU NEED TO FIND HER: by B. Bigham; 2010/4/27, a strong psychic dream of history
I walked into a 19th century home--and family quarrel. Decades passed in seconds; then
the house burned--with me in it. Two years later I learned the house and its history were real...

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