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Off Dover

Dreamed 2010/9/30 by Wayan

I'm crossing the English Channel on my bike
over a calm and busy-boated sea
like a fat-tire Jesus, haloless. My wake
cleaves a long V--gull-wings of green and white.
Not new to me, this Levitation Lite, but ice
upbore me then, in Greenland's vicious wind:

I skimmed on floes and sailed on gale-force wind,
blown like a tern. Or a sleet. My red bike
the lone hot spark on that merciless ice.
This outing on the warm and purring sea
is a meadowlark after that stark plain of white.
Race pelicans and laugh; leave them in my wake.

Wind through fishers. Wave. Plovers circle thrice.
Bike on toward Calais; Dover's chalk recedes, white
grin between green sea and cerulean sky. Until I wake.

I bike across the English Channel; digital dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


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