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On Dragons
with three dragon dreams

Dreamed July 1986 by Roswila [aka: Patricia Kelly]

From the time I was a teenager I've always enjoyed sci-fi/fantasy stories, but at the time I moved into my current home 22 years ago, I found myself particularly fond of dragons. Not only did I read just about any dragon-themed book I could find, but I began collecting dragon figurines. There was a unapologetic and graceful power in their aspect that I could not resist.

I continued to collect dragons for several years. I had carved dragons, blown glass dragons, ceramic dragons, braided rope dragons, etc., etc. All were kept on a shelf near the front door of my apartment -- some "on wing" from the ceiling -- not far from my musical instrument collection. Yes, I'm a collector. I had over 100 Tarot decks at one time, too. I still have 70 decks and the collection is growing again since I've discovered free review copies! Blame this collecting mania on my Moon in Taurus. :-D

But things change. Both dragons and improvisational music groups waned from my life. And my approach to Tarot collecting redefined itself, as I realized I only wanted decks I liked, not those I thought I should have, or that were new or popular. During the garage sale in which I sold all but my most favorite dragons, musical instruments, and Tarot decks (all of which favorites I still have) I was told that my landlord family's last name, Leung, means "dragon"! Oh, my....

Of course, given all these dragons around me I also dreamed occasionally about them during those years. Here are the three that have survived.

Chinese bas-relief of two dragons on an undulating sea. Image from, by Bedo.

Dream-Based Prose Poem #1

The god-like dragon creature manifests before me, purple with green highlights. He swirls around me, not quite flesh, not quite cotton-candy. I am angry with him. He has numbed my pain all my life. I tell him off, flinging my words like bricks into fog. He has no right to take my pain away. It is all I've had. He chortles deep in his throat, and releases his control of my hands. I am astounded as merciless pain burns them from palms to finger tips. I hold them before me like burning bushes. He tells me that the pain had been even worse in the past. I am humbled.

[I heard this dream say that there are healthy uses for denial that help us survive until we are capable of bearing what coming out of it will release. Especially in recent years as I've peeled back various layers of denial, I've seen how fortunate it was I listened to this dream at that time and allowed for the protection denial offered for a while longer as I grew stronger.]

Partial Dream Recall

I vaguely recall another dream in which an imprisoned dark green dragon reaches through his cage bars to put an aspirin on top of my head. I was probably getting one of those horrible frequent headaches I got in those days, and wishing I could unlock a magical power to heal myself...but willing to settle for an aspirin!

Dream-Based Prose Poem #2

The moon rides over my shoulder like a guardian angel, as I climb down from the window sill of the room in which the dragon waits for me. He sits hunched over his desk, huge and a bit scary. I stride right up to him and realize he is really rather innocent and sweet. I also realize I am his mate. I pace back and forth in front of him showing off my long green tail and muscled haunches. My fine pointed teeth glint in the moon light as I grin fetchingly. It is clear that he finds me very attractive. We make delicious green dragon love.

[This dream puzzled and amused me at the time. I now see it has a "Beauty and the Beast" aspect to it.]

I still have the occasional pull towards dragon figurines, greatly enjoy a good dragon story when I come across it, and especially delight in good dragon art--my favorite being Michael Whelan's Website, one of the best sci-fi and fantasy artists around, especially his dragons.

'til next time, keep dreaming,


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