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Pangolin Dream

Dreamed l995/8/1, acrylic on panel, 20 x 20", by Jenny Badger Sultan

I am visiting my friend in New Orleans. She tells me she is pregnant. There are a lot of people, outdoors. I wonder why no one has done something about food for all these people. I wander around the field and say loudly, Lets fast. People seem amused by this. I repeat it, Lets fast. Lets make it a 3 day fast to celebrate the coming of summer.

I see an incredible creature getting up from lying down and walking around a little bit. Its a pangolin! I shout. How exciting. Ive never seen one before! I go and start to try and find my son so I can bring him over to see the pangolin.

Acrylic painting, 'Pangolin Dream', by Jenny Badger Sultan.
Lately I have been distressed to hear how pangolins are being poached and shipped to be sold as meat and medicine.

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