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Pink Ears

"Pink Ears" performed by Nic Griffin and The Krelkins, 2007
Won't play? Plain MP3, 2:23 (2.2 MB, 44khz)

Photo of a worn-out stuffed bunny that was Nic Griffin's childhood best friend.

There's no consoling me
That stuffed friend who sat for tea
Across from a fortunate child...

We'll never meet again
Have I lost my truest friend?
Pink Ears is lost upon the sea!

We all went pleasure sailing
I know it's my own failing
Just as the boat was tacking
And my attentions lacking
Now our hearts are broken
His poly nap is soaking
Pink Ears went over the rail!

As darkness filled the day
We dragged the San Francisco Bay,
But Pink Ears is lost upon the sea--
Pink Ears is lost upon the sea.

(wild kazoo lament)

One fuzzy bunny more or less
Won't cure the world of its heartlessness,
But Pink Ears is lost upon the sea...
Pink Ears is lost upon the sea.


--Chris Wayan--

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