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Dreamed 1996/10/20 by Chris Wayan

My father and a Latino mechanic are discussing a car motor. It's been hard to start, as if the battery's old or is being drained. The mechanic's found the problem--it's simple. A portable thousand-watt electric heater was hidden somewhere in the car! Apparently, while rummaging around a few weeks ago, I accidentally turned it on. It has a rocker switch, easy to flip just brushing by. Whenever the car's on, it's putting an immense drain on the battery and starter. It's built for house current--a car's electrical system can't handle this much drain, it's well over 1000 watts. My father hands the heater to me--it's designed not to warm a room but to boil water, so the coils get fiery red--and they're exposed. Even the handle is hot--I burn myself slightly.


As I finish writing down the dream, the doorbell rings. It's a Latino mechanic who says my housemate Lily hired him to work on our shared car! It HAS been cranky lately...

But the car's not out front. She must have driven off somewhere without leaving a note. Weird. I don't know what to tell the guy...


The next day, Lily tells me "When I parked today, I found I'd hit the headlight switch somehow! No idea how long I had the lights on, but if I hadn't noticed, the battery would've drained."

The car was fine after that.

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