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A Premonition

Dreamed 1973 by Al Davison

I had this dream when I was 13 years old, a premonition about a van crashing by the fly-over where I used to meet my best friend after school. I told him of the dream, and we agreed to meet there the following day. I suggested we meet on the other side of the road by the phone box, just in case!

Sure enough a van came over the fly-over, and crashed exactly in the spot I had dreamed of. The exact spot where we usually met. I phoned an ambulance straight away, neither of us told anyone about the dream 'till years later.

Predictive dream of truck crash cartooned by Al Davison.
I was visiting Newcastle with a photographer friend a couple of years ago. I found myself standing by the phone box at the bottom of that same fly-over, and started to relate the incident to her; as I pointed to the brow of the road an identical van (same colour, same logo) appeared. Thankfully it didn't crash, though my legs did turn to jelly upon seeing it.


Al treats the incident with a charming lightness, but consider: if he'd not had the dream, or forgotten the dream, or ignored the dream, he and his friend would have met in the usual spot--and been hit. Premonitions aren't a New Age superstition. They're a practical, down-to-earth sense, perhaps vestigial or at least marginalized in most of us today, just as smell is--but a sense. Senses can save your life. And if your science teacher says it's nonsense, well, that belief (and it is only a belief; centuries of evidence say otherwise) can, to put it bluntly and un-charmingly, kill you. Trust your own experience. Cross the street. Get laughed at. Better a live weirdo than a dead skeptic.

--Chris Wayan

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