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A Psychic Reading

Dreamed 1981/10/13 by Wayan

I wake up having lost all my dreams. Rack my brain. Blank! Then suddenly...

I recall dreaming that a frightful murder occurred in my friend Beryl's apartment once. In that dream I woke up and went over to tell Beryl--whether to warn her or scare her I'm not sure.

Now that I'm really awake, I take that dream as advice--I go over to Beryl's and give her a psychic reading, in the light of the early-morning full moon. Point to a spot on her floor and say "Murder!"

And my intuition does pick up some of her past history in this place. Scares and delights her. "Oh, that crazy Chris!"

But I'm troubled. In the original dream, I was asked to tell Beryl something to change her BEHAVIOR. But I can't seem to; she only wants to be entertained. At last I leave defeated...

...after warming myself in the rays of the full moon. They really do seem strong enough to warm me a bit... that's odd...

And I wake again.


Death in Beryl's apartment: Beryl herself. This is the first of many dreams predicting Beryl's slow death. What strikes me even here, even without the uncanny specifics of the later dreams, is how the dream urges me to:

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