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14 x 19" erasable crayon drawing of a dream, 1988/2/5, by Chris Wayan

I was following the trail to the City of the Shining Spirits, to the west.

Crayon sketch of a shining golden city I sought in a dream, looking suspiciously like San Francisco
But it led over a sacred height, Black Rock; on its eastern shoulder, the path led through... the Animal Orgy.

Here, even the Ambassador from India, that modest woman in her blue sari, took off her clothes and inhibitions, and lay down with the Cougars and Cat People and California Girls...

I felt shy, but I had to do it... if I wanted to go on to the Shining City on the horizon. And I long for that City!

So I cast off my sari, and joined.

An animal orgy I had to go through, on the path to the Sacred City. Dream crayon-drawing by Chris Wayan; click to enlarge.
Only after I woke did my suspicious mind start to see puns in "blue" and "sari".... and realize what I was really being invited to cast off, as a step on the sacred path. Not just inhibitions... but the sadness they can bring.
crayon drawing of a purring puma licking a blonde girl's face.

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