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Pursued, I Ran into the Barn

Dreamed 2003? by Dorothea Tanning

Rough-hewn shadows streamed around us,
With hideous intent the pursuer came on,
Mindless, sniffing.
No stratagem, no swiftness would hide you,
Guileless and bleeding.
You were a bundle of fur in my arms,
Helpless, trusting.

Among barn-dwellers I sought concealment.
Shaftless, brushing
Away from the window I watched it come on,
Pitiless, secreting
Revenge from below. The insane thing,
Spineless, dripping,
Had already closed in. You stirred in my arms,
Weightless, leading
Me on to discover the end of the scheme,

The tearing sound in this poem's dream.

--Dorothea Tanning


Tanning is best known as a surrealist painter, but now, in her nineties, she's turned to (often equally surreal) writing. This dream is from her first poetry collection, A Table of Content (Graywolf Press, 2004).

--Chris Wayan

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