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Queen Cobra

Dreamed 1987/1/15 by Chris Wayan

Just before bed, I asked "I'm still scared to date anyone. What's the next step?"


I was answered.

Queen Cobra was powerful, intelligent, sexy in her own cool way. I even suspected she was a part of me... the part who calmly struck her enemies down, who hypnotized her prey, who could devour a lover whole!

Her fearless self-possession lured me, excited me... but scared me even more.

And in the end, she resigned as Queen. For as an absolute ruler, she even scared herself.

She was just too cool and ruthless to rule mammals like us.

I run from Queen Cobra, but I'm attracted too. 'Come near, my dear' she says. Who engendered who?
I woke knowing it was time to let my venom go. During my hardest years, I was a wary snake ready to fang anyone who stepped on me, and made that clear. So, they didn't. Survival! But now I don't want to survive--I want to live. And love.

And my old reptilian brain just can't manage warm-blooded love. And is wise enough to know it.

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