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Rain of Women

A nightmare dreamed 1999/6/11 by Chris Wayan

An empty playground. Swings, rings, slides. I lean on a set of parallel bars, talk with a couple of musician friends.

Then a black speck appears in the sky. It grows into a woman falling at meteoric speed, thrashing, agitated. Since I see no plane she could have fallen from, I assume she's able to fly somehow and is diving on our school. Wrong. THUNK! A horrible meaty thud as her body plows into the playground. Don't even have to go over, know she's dead--was going 100 m/sec at least.

And then another dot, another squirming woman. Get a clearer look, she's twentyish, looks like a student. THUD! I feel horror at this rain of doomed women from an empty sky but my "friends" are quite casual. Say only "Oh, those suicidal girls from the student clinic..." as a third girl falls out of the sky and SLAMS down near us, spraying us with blood. They consider this routine? And how do they know these women were suicides, not PUSHED? I know suicide attempts are more common in women, but... ALL the suicides are female? I suspect serial murders. Or is some counselor with a bias or grudge urging female patients to commit suicide? No matter what the truth is, I'll avoid that student health clinic at all costs!

Where is it, anyway? A flying clinic? Then why can't I see it, and why do the women fall so FAST, like meteors? I wonder if it's orbital, as some clinics are now. Though I don't see how the "suicides" survive vacuum and the re-entry burn only to die at on impact. It just doesn't add up!

Where are they REALLY falling from?

Another motion in the sky... I flinch, out of personal fear that she'll fall on me and kill me. No--but close enough to feel the ground shake. THUMP! The dread is personal now--the one that'll kill me won't be noticeable: she'll be the only dot that DOESN'T move, doesn't draw my eye, as she zeroes in... Killed by a human meteor.

It's unlikely, I've never heard of a case--but I never heard of a rain of suicidal women either.


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