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Reject the Trump Gig

Dreamed 2017/7/5 by Wayan

Dyke cabbie and her nerdy fare--me. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

I'm in downtown San Francisco at a high-end ad agency. Now and then I model in ads, and I just got offered a lucrative ongoing gig as a character who's a Trump conservative. Really lucrative: they're paying $1000 a session! Triple, quadruple what I'm used to.

But I just can't do it. I've played roles in ads for products I don't use, even ones I personally dislike--but never one I thought was downright immoral or dangerous. Trump and his followers are both. I just can't help legitimize him.

Reluctantly, tempted, I turn the job down.

I take a cab home, as I often do. My cabbie is a tattooed dyke who's curious, seeing me come out of what she knows is a high-end ad agency.

I tell her I had to turn down a thousand-dollar gig. She's shocked. "That's over a week's wages for ME. I'd take that gig like a shot!"

I ask her "You sure? For a thousand, would you REALLY put your face up all over the country with a Trump button and, say, queerbaiting slogans behind you?"

She really thinks it through for a couple of slow blocks, and then says, reluctantly, "Well... no."


What matters to you? What's your bottleneck? Money, love, time, health, freedom, knowledge, safety? You may not get what you aim for; but you sure won't get what matters if you aim at the wrong target.

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