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A Retribution of Mermaids

Dreamed Summer 2011 by Bruno Oliveira

I’m on an isolated island in the middle of the endless sea, covered by green forests and a deceiving peaceful look. I know the island holds a base of some genetic engineering company who blackmailed me once, and I seek… well, not revenge, but some retribution. I find a small lobby overlooking the sea, with comfortable sofas and a huge LED TV, where I meet two other people who seem like my allies –- one of them is an old bully back from the school days, the other none other than Angelina Jolie. Together, we find a platform of concrete where lies a helicopter. We try to steal it, but we are spotted and forced to take cover. In the following gunfight, the enemies escape, and supposedly the isle is in full alert.

A missile shot from afar falls near us, and a second one opens some sort of underwater stream of fresh, greenish water that slowly changes the shape of the island, sinking it. We observe everything from a small hill before deciding to swim to a boat of the company. We have to believe one of our accomplices, who’s in the boat, can still be trusted.

The boat is empty. Inside, we find a room full of mummified sailors and some other stuff who looks like it has been pulled from some sort of ruins or underwater wreckage. Among them, we find the most valuable thing – a small lock of hair, gold and bright pink, that belonged to a mermaid.


Strange dream with no definite symbolism or anything, but notable for its length and the fact I knew who I was and what I was doing there right from the start. Dreams with a backstory are not so common for me.

--Bruno Oliveira


No symbolism? Really?

--Chris Wayan

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