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Archeologists, paleontologists, and the people who, uh, dig them.

Digging old things up has obvious symbolic meanings--dreamworkers do after all methodically unearth odd truths about themselves and others, sometimes valuable, sometimes dangerous--if not inherently, then because someone wants them left buried! But dreams of being a detective or spelunker or a treasure-hunter or quester or therapist or psychic can all carry similar implications.

On the other hand, for those engaged in real archeology... dreams suggesting what you'll find, or where, are useful and somethimes literal. Even if you reject the notion of ESP entirely, the unconscious is a master at putting together subliminal clues and complex, fragmentary patterns. You can't take such dreams as gospel, since some are symbolic of personal or interpersonal issues that need unearthing... but all else being equal (and even not, if it's at all within your budget) they're a guide worth following. If you can dig it.

Oh, sorry, have you heard that one before somewhere?

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AGASSIZíS FISH: by Louis Agassiz, ca. 1840: subliminal, psychic, or just a great guess?
Agassiz, faced with a fossil he had to crack open, was unsure where to strike.
But for three nights he dreamed...
ANCIENT MARE-KIN GRAVEYARD: by Wayan; 2008/9/1, a dreamsong (MP3+lyrics), Dreamverse #18
I'm a ghost watching future archeologists dig up a site of my people--and get it so wrong...
THE ANCIENT BOOK: by Wayan; 1993/11/11, a political dreamfable.
I'm a schoolkid in the future who finds an ancient book the censors somehow missed...
THE ARTIFACT: by Wayan; 1983/1/16. Narrative dream painting.
I was a lizard archeologist, a million years from now. What I dug up threatened my marriage...
THE BARRINGTON BUNNY: by Wayan; 1988/8/30, a world-saving alien-abduction dream
Alien robots kidnap me... and make me the mascot for a college football team.
But my Channel Changer slowly infuses us all with nerdy trust...
THE BEE QUEEN: by Wayan; 1997/6/26, a hard-headed dream.
Two time-traveling paleontologists get a gift from their friend the Bee Queen. A gift with six-inch fangs...
BEET: Five Dreams One Night: by Wayan; 2013/10/30, Halloween dreams as minipoems
Parasites, Rambo, huge fetus-beets, an exhibitionist and a living statue advise me on my love life...
BITE THE BULLET: by Wayan; 2000/1/25, a flightmare.
We unearthed a sacred treasure, but now a mob of believers are out to lynch us! I better fly...
BREAK FREE: by Emily Joy; 2006/5/11, an encouraging dream on the price of safety.
I search for family skeletons, but then a talking plant on TV inspires me to seek the sun and fly free.
But certain velociraptors and barbarian swordswomen object...
COYOTE'S VAULT: by Wayan; 1994/5/4, a shamanic dream of the future.
One of the Time Vaults has opened. That means a historical crisis is at hand. Guess who gets to go in...
DINOSAUR GAITS: by Wayan; 1998/11/1, a dream on independence.
My paleontologist mom can scuttle like a lizard, so why can't she manage a dinosaur gait?
DINO SINGULARITY: by Wayan; 2012/3/30, a paleontological speculation in a dream.
Peering in a spacetime gate, I wonder if all the dinos went extinct. Would we spot an ancient Singularity?
DREAMKU, APRIL 2007: by Roswila; various dates up to April 2007; 30 dream-poems--mostly haiku
Dream haiku laid out like a calendar. Roswila's favorite is the pirate, but mine is the were-salamander...
THE EGYPTIAN GOD: by Wayan; 1991/12/21, a 7-year precognitive dream.
Egyptian archeologists dig up a living god. He sees us as dolls to play with, but we've grown up...
EXPLORATION OF TAROT IMAGES IN A DREAM: by Roswila, 1998; an analytical numerate dream
Tarot cards fuse and meanings layer, to warn me I've similarly (con)fused>
real and trance-induced memories during therapy...
FISHERGIRLS: by Wayan; 2.6M, 42 illus.; 1996/7/15; a sexy dream epic.
I had an epic dream lasting subjective weeks--a true other life. It wasn't Earth and we weren't human.
I was a teenage lemur, sailing with two friends into unknown waters--a rite of passage. One night,
my friends curled round me, I saw I didn't WANT to pass the test, be declared a woman, marry, and have pups.
I loved my girl friends. In a world lacking the very word, I was groping toward queerdom.
Sailing into unknown waters! "Here be dragons," the old maps say. And they were right...
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FOOT!: by Wayan; 1980/11/3; poem based on silly obsessive dreamlets
I dream all night of weird feet: a blue alien holograph of one, a band called Foot, parasails turning into sky-feet...
FORKS AND SAUCERS: by Wayan; 1988/10/18, a dream on when to quit.
Tibet, 1910. A cult whose ancestors manned a radar station that shot down UFOs. But were they really hostile?
ID FLOWERS: by Wayan; 1989/10/8, a dream of wish and fear
The villagers warned me not to walk in the alien graveyard; for at night, the Id flowers wake...
JUNG'S CELLARS: by Carl Jung, mid-1909; his dream of the mind's structure--and a weird follow-up
My home seemed antiquated but pleasant. I found a stair down to a darker, medieval floor.
A dark stair led down to a Roman cellar. A trapdoor led down to a cave with ancient skulls...
KISS OF A SAVAGE: by Wayan; 1993/10/28, a dream of deep time.
I wake to find I'm a museum exhibit 15,000 years from now--a primitive man...
LIFE MATES: by Katie Hofgard; 2003/4/19?, a reincarnation-romance dream
Mysterious doings on an archeological dig bring a creature back to life, but this is no Mummy...
LINES COMPOSED IN SLEEP: by Owen Meredith; before 1887; a Kubla-Khanlike poem-shard
I dreamt an epic poem on a sinister ruined city now home
only to reptiles. I woke with at least a hundred lines, but...
MESOPOTAMIAN ARMORY: by Wayan, 2008/8/6, a shape-poem based on a dream
An ancient Mesopotamian city learned to make catapult-bombs of powdered
manure. But excessive stockpiles & bad housekeeping led to Armageddung...
MONSTERS FROM MY SOUP: by Cyberwebspace; 2010/9/30, a stubborn nightmare
How'd that spider, dragon and T. rex get in my soup? I skip lunch.
Dig in the garden, but scaly heads pop out to nip at me. Persistent!
NEWT WEDDING: by Emily Joy; spring 1995, a six-year-old's epic dream
Through wild jungles and over the Mattress Mountains, I lead a giant purple newt to love...
ONCE A HERO: by Wayan; 1998/10/22-25, 17 images, a raw dream-series.
Sexy dreams of Chinese archeology, authorized by the fairies, make me face that my family abused me...
PASTLIFE MIDDEN: by Wayan; 1998/12/28, a past-life dream.
I bike deep into Time Hall, barging through security gates of amnesia, to climb the midden of the past...
PIPES AND TIME: by Wayan; 2017/12/21, a dream of the far future that came true next day
A timetraveler shows me a hotspring shrunk to a quarter of its old flow.
Valves? Pipes? Or drought, from climate change? This IS the future.
A day later, a local main breaks, and our water flow shrinks to a quarter of normal...
QUAIL TV: by Wayan; summer 1981, ink, shamanic cave drawing.
Quail, spelunking again, finds ancient cave paintings of the Cult of the Fossil TV...
by Jenny Badger Sultan, 1999/5/15, 6/12 & 7/14, a painting based on 3 dreams
I'm in the Hypogeum, an ancient Maltese dream-temple. I join some women
staging a ritual; a little girl draped in a web plays the role of an insect...
A RETRIBUTION OF MERMAIDS: by Bruno Oliveira; summer 2011, a treasure-finding dream
Despite corporate crooks, missiles and floods, Angelina Jolie and I find the lock of mermaid hair...
THE RINGMAN'S SQUIRREL: by Wayan; 1982/9/17, a dream of a time after us.
One day, in the ruins of an American city whose name was lost, I met a Ringman under an oak...
SORRY WE DRANK ALL THE BEER: by Wayan; 1986/6/3, a dream on the use of rage
The future. Humanity's trapped--no energy. Because aliens looted our world before we evolved! Now...
SPORECOUNT: by Wayan; 1990/1/5, a dreamtale on patience through change.
I'm a hot archeology student till I open the wrong tomb. A plague
turns us into green moldy monsters--at first...
TEMEMTIM: by Wayan; 1995/3/3 and 3/16; two linked archeology dreams.
My cold-sensitive dinosaur friend makes a find at our archeological dig by thinking like the Old Ones...
TEN THOUSAND MAD GHOSTS: by Wayan; 1996/9/3, a psychic nightmare.
A toxic site in Silicon Valley isn't a chemical spill, but angry ghosts, killed in a camp and forgotten...
TONY DIGS UP THE RED EARTH: by Jenny Badger Sultan; 2008/2/23; painting in the Box of Dreams
It's Thanksgiving but my brother won't come in; he's digging up red earth. In our family he always digs up...
TRI-GUARDIANS: by Wayan; 2005/8/5, a stalking nightmare that peels away layers
Three men follow me. But they're not men; they fly. They shapeshift into teenage archeologists...
then into pure energy-beings! "We don't care about you; we're watching another entity
you let into your dreams." Wait--I've got FOUR foreign entities stalking through my psyche?
UNCORK A SUB GOD: by Wayan; 1998/8/11, a cryptic warning dream.
Exploring a sunken sub, my buddies salvage a something ticking. Toss it back, but it won't stay sunk...
VIEWPOINT: by Wayan; 1991/6/9, a dream on pastlife amnesia.
I ask to see my past lives, and dream of a viewpoint where I can--but this Mormon ranger...
WARM MOTHER: by Jenny Badger Sultan; 2001/3/24, 3/29, 3/30 & 4/1; dreams
I dream my mother takes over caring for my sick daughter; I feel pushed aside.
When I wake, I try to paint a more positive image of mothering.
For a week, dream after dream has opportunities for patience and letting go of jealousy...

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